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Subject Arab League will pursue Palestinian Statehood in September 2011 at UN despite Obama's desire to block them.
Poster Handle humuhumunukuapuaa
Post Content
[link to world-news.newsvine.com]

"Obama condemned the Palestinians' plan to seek U.N. General Assembly recognition for statehood, but Moussa said on Friday that any attempt to take the Palestinian issue to international forums was "a legitimate step."

This is what the whole Israeli-Palestinian speech was about.
Obama was trying to keep things in the dead end world of negotiations, and he is lying in the rest of that speech on May 19, because he really intends to veto statehood at the UN come September.

This is why Israel and Obama are still on the same page. There are only 3 or four countries in the entire world now that will vote against Palestinian Statehood, Australia, USA, Israel, Maybe Great Britain.

So you see, the 1967 boarders is a ruse, what Israel really wants to stop is UN recognition of Statehood at the UN in September.

There has never been a greater coalition for statehood in the history of the UN. 94% of the world agrees. So when Bibi complains about the 67' boarder issue, he is crying crocodile tears, because he received exactly what he wanted....US commitment to fight Palestinian Statehood in September at the UN.
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