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Message Subject ELEnin Dwarf Star Warning September 26, 2011
Poster Handle TBar1984
Post Content
Hmmm, Electric Comets...
Let's listen to what one of the main proponents of the Electric Comet Theory has to say about Elenin. This is the man that has authored the following;
Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes
Surviving Planet X Passage
Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection
The Solar System Earth Connection - Space Earth Weather
The Induced Electric Dipole Red Shift - The Real Reason Why Our Universe is NOT Expanding
Electro-magnetic Propulsion System Designs and The Electric Highways to the Stars
Private Space Program
Mathematical Solutions - Calculating Prime Numbers
Number Theory

Now, you don't have to believe everything McCanney says, some of it is very controversial, but, he does appear to be somewhat of an 'expert' on Electric Comets, Planet X, etc. So, I recommend you start listening around time 26:10 - Thursday May 19, 2011 - [link to www.jmccanneyscience.com]

Now, about that invisible 'cold' dwarf. Let's look at another cold object, 90377 Sedna a trans-Neptunian object - [link to en.wikipedia.org]
"Mike Brown and colleagues now believe it to be the fifth largest known trans-Neptunian object after Eris, Pluto, Makemake, and Haumea. In 2004, the discoverers placed an upper limit of 1,800 km on its diameter, but by 2007 this was revised downward to less than 1,600 km after observation by the Spitzer Space Telescope..."
Hmmm, a few of these very distant, cold objects. How cold? Sedna is around 12K which is just above absolute Zero. It's also much smaller than a Jupiter sized Dwarf that would be around 140,000 km in diameter [link to en.wikipedia.org] . Yet, we were able to see this much smaller Sedna by reflected sunlight even though it is around 80 AU out compared to Jupiter's 5 AU distance. We are supposed to believe you can't see a 140,000 km object at 2 AU even though we can see a 1,600 km object at 80 AU by reflected sunlight?

 Quoting: TBar1984

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1363067

Interesting, so you people are screaming shill because I recommend you listen to an Astrophysicist that has written many books on the subject. So, we should only listen to you & Terral on the subject?

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