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Subject **BREAKING!!** Drunk bum says world ends 2012!!
Poster Handle God's_Sun
Post Content
Sitting at bus stop tonight, a drunk bum comes stumbling up to me...asked if I watched the news, which by chance I just got done watching CNN a rare occasion for me (GLP is my news source)...so I tell him yep...the tornado? I ask...(Mistake) he proceeded to tell me it was a sign, that it all started this year! "first was Japan, then mis., then Katrina(yep he said Katrina), and the tornado was the fourth sign!!!

He told me it says in the bible the world ends in 2012...so did Nostradamus, and Wayne Casey, I assume he meant edgar. Yet no mention of the mayans....

He ended his rant with the fact he did not believe it...

So I am confused...should I believe the bible which says world ending in 2012, or a Bum that says it's hogwash!

Help me GLP!
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