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ST.LOUIS has some of the most breath taking SUNSETS I have ever seen

YoU~€iT¥ <aka> abe
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05/25/2011 09:25 PM
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ST.LOUIS has some of the most breath taking SUNSETS I have ever seen
I think alot of people would be surprised if they saw some of them. I do travel as much as I'd like bit I've been a few places. No comparison. A friend of mine who travel around the country and world always says it to. St.Louis has the coolest sunsets.

Anyone on St.Louis to verify or see the one tonight!

Anybody else wanna sbot out there were they live and something spectacular about it. Maybe even another good sunset city. I'm jealous of people who live in the country though. Not alot of stars to be seen in the city lights .
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