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Subject !!!! Want Proof The Middle Class Is Screwed, Look At Retail Stock Prices !!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here is a good article showing how our middle class is getting vaporized

[link to www.navigatethezoo.com]

Today, Thursday May 26, 2011, stock market data unquestionably proved that the American middle class is being destroyed while the rich prosper. Even if you have no interest in the stock market, I will make this easy to understand and you will find the information quite disgusting........

.......In fact, the best two sections of retail stocks are the very high end retailers and the very low end retailers. This tells us that there is 100% no doubt that the wealthy are doing just fine and feel very comfortable blowing several thousand dollars on a charm bracelet from Tiffany and Co.

On the other hand, the success of the lowest end retailers like , Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart, shows that middle class people are feeling so pinched that they are dropping down to the cheapest stores so that they can afford clothing and an occasional present for a loved one......

[link to www.navigatethezoo.com]
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