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Message Subject !!!! Want Proof The Middle Class Is Screwed, Look At Retail Stock Prices !!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And how much of any of that shit do we need?

Americans are extremely fat and have problems you don't find anywhere else in the world like "Hoarding" and "Being unable to leave the house due to not fitting through the bedroom door".

It's time we stopped consuming so damn much.

Spend less, save more. Companies that produce bullshit plastic crap that is sold in these low end stores...why do we need that?

You need a 50 dollar vaccuum cleaner that will break in 3 months? NO. Take this broom for 2 dollars and sweep that mother out and burn a couple calories.

Do you need that 10 dollar toaster that burns your toast every single time while putting a hello kitty face on your burnt bread? HELL NO. Make a fire with a pile of crap that you brushed off your carpet with you broom and a match and hold your bread over that. You will also save energy this way while losing weight.
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