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Tacomagroove Californian radiation Nuclear fukushima.

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United States
05/26/2011 10:35 PM
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Tacomagroove Californian radiation Nuclear fukushima.
Reality check.

Radiation in california is the states is to increase by a 200-205% factor as soon as tomorrow May 26th… The levels of radiation at the fukushima plant have multiplied by a factor of 200%, from a high of 1-2 sieverts to whopping 204 sieverts…

This is just now becoming clear as tepco has admitted to a government supported time lapse information gap. Providing mixed / false figures, while lowering and replacing key factors in information regarding citizens health, while assuring the public that radiation isn’t a concern…

Your lieing. and we should trust you? Time to spill the beans or I will!

The international cables must be stemming with communitive chatter while the white house is keeping closed doors, to the general public. Epa limits have been risen, along with the now, frequent withdrawls of radiation monitoring station and dispurtion maps across the globe…

Radiation is 200% higher than it had been over the entire course of the crisis… 200sieverts is 20times past a deadly level; Within just minutes of exposure… DId you see the previous maps at 2000millisieverts? That is going to be the same route of dispersion folks… only 200 times worse…

last 4days running have been hell with no sing of progress in tepcos fate… I am advising all united states citizens to stay indoors, and minimalize your exposure to rain in regards to the coming contamination this week starting as soon as May 26th.

All citizens should take into account that the very people who are responsible in giving you this information (in a timely efficient matter) have literally designed a time lapsed planned information release This has not only insulted you but put your health at risk…

The absence of reporting and monitoring are a step in the worst of directions for a company like tepco whose released a 15bagilliooon dollar loss just this morning… But what did we lose? But all the trust and faith in the governments…

The misinformation campaign, is growing in stupidity everyday. With disinfo agents lowering the publics angst, Japanese websites are taking down content, while at the same time, main stream media has dumped the story entirely. (likely do to international orders). This is an outrage…

The radiation monitoring posts across the globe have been halted, for good reason. The worst as yet to come… With a now towering 200sieverts of radiation breaching containment on the reactor. One more month seems generous for the tepco work force, as noted here earlier in the thread. Once the drywell goes. sayonara

5/25 @ 204 Sv/hr
5/24 @ 192 Sv/hr
5/23 @ 201 Sv/hr
5/22 @ 196 Sv/hr
5/21 @ 36.2 Sv/hr
5/20 @ 46.5 Sv/hr
5/19 @ 36.3 Sv/hr
5/18 @ 45.4 Sv/hr

That is no joke. the level had in fact increased up to 190sieverts roughly 4 days ago as reported on [link to www.enenews.com] So take that with a dose of reality. The situation did in fact get 200times worse.

This is why you cant see those fancy dispersion models anymore. All you have to do is retend your looking at one, thats doing 200 times more destruction… But once your contaminated, I am sure the media will step in to tell you how dangerous the situation truly was.
As of the 22nd, the radiation has spiked 200%. If we choose to believe there is containment. Then I am wrong… SO I will ask you. Is the genie out of the bottle?

link to www.godlikeproductions.com

The Rupture.
By Tacoma Groove

"As of today May 24th 2011, Elizabeth Flock wrote in the Wa Post. Tepco Suprise two more reactors melted down at fukushima."

Not one but three nuclear reactors suffered nuclear meltdown...

Koichi Nakano a political science professor told reuters that" "The announcement was timed to minimalize the impact on the public. In the early stages of the crisis tepco may have wanted to avoid panic".

This is an illegal premeditated witholding of information that should be taken with legal precidence and sure outrage. Your companies role is to inform citizens of the dangers that you have created. In a timely manner, to minimilize the exposure rate in the public, thereby reporting all immedieate dangers in a realtime manner, in the best of your ability. Instead; You put national monitary and economic structure above the regard of physical healths. While in the aftermath of a devistating tsunami in that regard. Your company has put the whole nation at risk, while ruining its credibility not only nationally but internationally; You have now admitted your role, in one of the biggest public health conspirisies, that humankind has witnessed. In which an unprecidented nuclear tragedy is putting risk to the entire planets eco systems. Rendering a questionally small 20km portion of the planet inaccessable to mankind. While infecting the food and water supplies internationaly across the entire globe...

A twitter tweet of mis information: "Radiation on the West coast is so diluted, its actually a cure for its self."
I say: "Radiation is so dispursed it went everywhere across the planet; And now its accumulating everyday every hour every second."

"How will you replace the ocean?; and the Soil, and the rivers, and the lakes?"

Another few article caught my attention at around this time. The first I will mention is Nuclear engineer found with +30,000cpm internal radiation... (wth); 1000 tepco employees, measured with internal radiation rates of +10,000cpm internal radiation or higher; 70,000 more evacuations are needed outside the 20km containment.

This is proof that the misinformation has lead to an undenyable scandal to Public health. Where is the information and data. Shouldn't we have those radiation dispersion maps and those thermal images of the reactors updated daily?Couldnt we track the meltdown that way? Don't we plan on containing this crisis... uhm??? Yesterday?!?

"This is the kind of stuff conspiracies were made of"

Radiation from fukushima isn't a banana. Its a collection of deadly nuclear isotope's, that have the ability to kill instantlly, silently, or even slowly and stealthly. By subjecting the citizens to this type of exposure you have commmitted the crime of attempted murderer. Every agency involved in this situation, to that extent is an accessory to your crime. That goes for the iaea, nisa, nilu, tepco, and beyond. This is a conspiracy to the highest degree. As there is a huge misinformation campaign taking place right before your very eyes. You have no dignity or reputation anylonger. you are fraud, and corruption;. Criminally, morally, and ethically...

"This is beyond acceptable."

The witholding and straying of numbers, and the lack of efficient research is starting to unfold a tragedy... Are we all internationally already in danger? why cant international services collect radiation dispursion data? what is worst case scenario???; How far away is it? Situation reports; Well could be taken hourly couldn't they?:... Why are you taking away our dispersion models, are we in trouble?: Reversing the publication of epa figures to a monthly report?; telling scientists to withold information in a timely matter?:... Is there anything else down this road of lies?; when will we recieve complte disclosure to your time released data?;
I mean Afterall dropping the story off main stream media isn't a really good sign btw... The people we trust not participating in a huge international effort to fix the crisis entirely. Is there a secret we don't know? Because every nuclear scientist on the planet has not really explained the consequences of these figures... Am I right? What lies down the road? As it continues its downward spiral?

Wouldn't it suck if we already passed that point... Are we going to get that information 2 months late too?

We have witnessed you raise the international health rates ten fold their previous limits, taken no interest in monitoring the radiation levels in our oceanic, fresh water, or food pyramid's contamination... (missing oppurtunities to create jobs providing efficient monitoring globally). while at the same time limiting our resources on accurate information; and allowing this tragedy to displace as many people in the wake of the tsunami. Rendering portions of the planet inhabital is not a step on the grand ladder fo making progress...
Btw: Lieing to us, is not doing anything more than Creating fear and panic in international communities. There is good reason for that... Were all afraid... We want you to fix this today not in your 6 to 9 month road map which are riddled with error... I have a shovel my buddies got some quick spackle.. Do you need help?... You have made little progress in your attempt to divert this tragedy, and to that effect the situation has gotten much worse.

They call me the fear mongerer, <---

Yet deny the bigger picture of what is currently going on in the situation...

They lied to you. Are they still lieing.

I wrote earlier a piece, what lies down the road. Refrencing both the deciete of these companies and the movie "the road". Add that to your new verbal directory of titles like zardos, the china syndrome, and nuclear boy.

Id really like to know what lies down the road though... How much time it takes the world to screw in the lightbulb, fess up. work together, and save humanity. Cause the events are literally a slinky. The bottom stair is horrible, and there aint that much room left between here and there... This is the bp oilspill on heroin chilling in chernobyls backyard. While the whole planet is more and more contaminated every hour of everyday...
I watched the live cam between 1 and 3 am today... Reactors steaming away, could hardly see the reactors at all major pixilation... This means that every day there are atmospheric releases to current date, along with the ground water, and oceanic contamination. Its a nightmare...

We have no idea what the implications to date are, while the undisclosed projection of damage is growing everyday. The situation is now escalating in all factors, to a nightmare scenario. With little to no reports on how tepco is playing a role in adverting the tragedy. It seems that they are merely posponing it.,,

The witholding of key information is your excuse for not protecting your countries citizens from radioactive contamination... This was your effort to avoid a state of panic?
Its really disapointing to hear that...

All I hear is: "This information will scare the crap out of you"; "and so we would rather you all get potentially contaminated than fess up to that"...


There are only 35 days or less until the fuel sustains a full-scale fission criticality. The boron, (which stops nuclear fission from occurring) will have exceeded its lifespan by this time…&#8232;Tepco had already made a request as of march to evacuate the reactors. Though they are being forced to see it until the end by the Japanese government. God bless their souls. As it surely is a death mission.

The first death was reported on Friday. Meaning, that the situation is already well beyond cataclysmic. In all reality, the worlds biggest dirty bomb will be released in no more than 35 days…

Tepco will likely evacuate the site between the dates: June 16th – June 28th…
“This is because boron is limited and can no longer sustain its self within the current settings”.

Meaning: the fuel will release amounts of neutrons in such excess that the boron “in any quantity” will be now be unable to capture enough neutrons to stop a criticality.

At this time neutrons will begin to react against atoms, leading to a spike in temperatures exceeding any known cooling process… The fuel will then go core through the floor, and reach the water table in no less than 1-6 hours…
At that time the fuel will both be released in atmospheric and oceanic / form. Plaguing Japan first and foremost. I presume that over 100,000- 10,000,000 deaths will be attributed to the event alone.

Japan will likely be forced to abandon the main island entirely within that time.

The continental united states will see the radiation within 2 days. The radiation will sweep across the northwest, as far north as Vancouver canada, and as far south as new mexico. The main area’s to be astray from are seattle through sandiego. The radiation will likely be 350 – 800cmp. (fyi 200cpm is when you should run indoors)…

This will continue as a global norm for at least two months, at that time reactors 5 and 6 will likely begin the path to china syndrome. If you are in a temporary fallout shelter, by august, you should be planning to find a more permanent location to settle…

Come November, the situation will likely start over again, now reaching 1000cpm or more. It will be anywhere up to a century for the initial radiation plumes to settle… The 600,000 spent fuel rods, will likely contaminate the entire planet killing 45% or more, of life on earth…

“Once the reaction from neutrons has dwindled to a 100-300 cpm internationally”; The biological life forms will begin to emerge from the now very few uncontaminated portions of the planet…
Though human dna will likely be mutated, and lifespans will be lowered to 20 – 44 years old in adult males, and 25 – 50 years old in Adult females.

So in short uncontrolled fission taking place inside the zirconium cells, lead to a temperature spike inside the core fuel cells to reactor 1. Once the heat reached beyond boiling point the tops of the fuel rods were exposed to the now present oxygen. Creating a violent reaction damaging the rods…

This allowed the nuclear fuel pellets to escape their containment, dropping to the bottom of the reactor core. At that point Tepco then had no choice but to induce nitrogen into the reactor (as the melting of zirconium creates vast amounts of hydrogen)… While the nitrogen settled the hydrogen the remaining fuel collected in the bottom of the reactor, creating so much fission the fuel melted through 6 feet of metal and concrete landing in the reactors basement. Now were playing a dangerous waiting game.

The GE reactor design has an emergency platform designed under the reactors containment in the event a meltdown was to occur, that feature was built to not only prolong a meltdown but also prevent fission as best it can…
However, with the fuel heating up, you must consider that the water being implored with high levels of boron are doing little to nothing to prevent the fission from occuring…

That being said, Its only going to be a short amount of time before the fuel likely surpasses the emergency system, and makes its way into the water table. After that happens, soil and water will produce steam clouds that will contaminate vast areas of the planet… =ing the evacuation of the site… Game Over.

I assume this will be more like a nuclear fountain… Think of a geyser of radiation spewing into the atmosphere for the next 10 – 1000 years Like they are now except 20 times worse… One that will create temperatures that are unbearable to work near, rising to 120f. or greater…

It will contaminate everything its stream touches. Fukushima would become a wasteland, of contamination and japan would need to extend the evacuation zone to at least 300km likely much much more area. though

A china syndrome has never happened thus the math is beyond me… The contamination would spread in any nation internationally and nationally. (as it has now). but in much higher doses. likely 150 -350cpm… Note this is on the premiss that only one reactor has reached criticality…

However: In the event there is an explosion, Well thats just bad… We would witness at least 3 – 300000 tons of metric nuclear waste, instantly turned into particle form…

The release would do either one of three possible things…
1. a really bad case scenario: Assist reactors 2-6 in achieving a full fusion criticality, leading to an apocalyptic amount of radiation in such high density that anyone that is in its path would perish by suffocation;
2. The better, and yet less likely scenario: achieve a level of detonation, while completely staying within a safe proximity of the other troubled reactors on site, (which is very unlikely)… somehow redirecting most of the initial mass over and into the ocean… Thus spreading only minute levels of radiation globally… Then there is the worst case scenario…
3. (fyi, This is also a product of result #1)… If the fusion some how took the full site (all 6 reactor) in one big kaboom (meaning a full fusion criticality) …

In lamen terms: There will be absolutely nothing left; Ever witness a: coronal mass ejection??? Now, have you ever heard of the earth creating one??? If there were an explosion leading to a full fusion criticality, You wouldn’t need to worry about flights or planning… That would register as an ELE. (extinction level event)…

The explosion would likely blow the entire atmosphere off the planet.

food for thought: G.E. owns comcast; Is this why USA media is blackballing the story… ?

NBC&#8232;(NBCUniversal, LLC is owned by Comcast (51%) & General Electric (49%)). Specific assets include:&#8232;Comcast:&#8232;E! · Style Network · Golf Channel · Versus · G4 (88%) · PBS Kids Sprout (part owner) · TV One (part owner) · FEARnet (part owner) · ExerciseTV (part owner) · Comcast Entertainment Television · Comcast Television · MLB Network (minority stake) · NHL Network (minority stake) · The Mtn. (50%) · New England Cable News · Comcast Network&#8232;XFINITY · DailyCandy · Fancast · Fandango · Movies.com · Plaxo · ThePlatform&#8232;GE:&#8232;Universal Studios: Focus Features · Geneon Universal, Illumination Entertainment • United International Pictures,· Universal Animation Studios · Universal Pictures · Universal Playback · Universal Studios Home Entertainment · Media Rights Capital&#8232;Universal Parks & Resorts: Universal Studios Dubailand · Universal Studios Hollywood · Universal Orlando Resort (Universal Studios Florida · Islands of Adventure · Universal CityWalk) · Universal Studios Japan · Universal Studios Singapore · Universal Studios South Korea&#8232;Broadcast TV assets: NBC · NBC News · NBC Sports · Telemundo · Universal Sports&#8232;NBCUniversal Cable, A&E Television Networks (15%) · Bravo · Chiller · CNBC · Comcast SportsNet · E! · FEARnet · G4 · Golf Channel · MSNBC[nu 4] · Mun2 · Oxygen · ShopNBC (30%) · Sleuth · Style · Syfy · Telemundo Puerto Rico · Universal HD · Universal Sports (50%) · USA Network · Versus · The Weather Channel · Weatherscan&#8232;CNBC global channels CNBC · CNBC Africa · CNBC Asia · CNBC Europe · CNBC Latin America · CNBC World&#8232;CNBC Europe branches Class CNBC (20%) · CNBC Africa · CNBC Arabiya (according to CNBC Europe) · CNBC-e · CNBC Nordic · TVN CNBC&#8232;CNBC Asia branches CNBC-TV18 · CNBC Australia · CNBC Awaaz · CNBC Hong Kong · CNBC Pakistan · CNBC Singapore · Nikkei CNBC · SBS-CNBC&#8232;Universal Networks International: 13th Street · Diva TV · Hallmark Channel (International) · KidsCo[nu 6] · Movies 24 · Steel[nu 7] · Studio Universal · Syfy · Universal Channel&#8232;Syfy global channels: Asia · Australia · Benelux · France · Germany · Japan · Latin America · Poland · Portugal · Romania · Russia · Spain · UK · US&#8232;NBCUniversal Television Group&#8232;NBC Studios · NBCUniversal Television Distribution · Telemundo of Puerto Rico Studios · Telemundo Television Studios · Universal Media Studios&#8232;NBC O&Os KNBC · KNSD[nu 8] · KNTV · KXAS[nu 8] · WCAU · WMAQ · WNBC (New York Nonstop) · WRC · WTVJ · WVIT&#8232;Telemundo O&Os KBLR · KDEN · KEJT-LP · KHRR · KNSO[nu 9] · KSTS · KTAZ · KTMD · KVDA[nu 9] · KVEA · KXTX · WKAQ · WNEU[nu 9] · WNJU · WSCV · WSNS&#8232;ShopNBC O&Os WWDP&#8232;Spanish independent TV station KWHY&#8232;Internet ventures: getTRIO.com · Hulu[nu 10] · iVillage · msnbc.com[nu 4] · Television Without Pity

I think so!!!!!!!

“The greatest lies ahead”…&#8232;by: Tacomagroove&#8232;3/21/2011 2:47am&#8232;&#8232;“Peeking into the future of the Fukushima Daichii nuclear crisis. Ive become quite concerned in several key issues”.&#8232;&#8232;The first being the lack of physical intervention from national and international scientific communities.&#8232;While Tepco has now presented the “Road map of death”, Not one single qualified cantidate has disclosed the true&#8232;magnitude of the situation humanity is indeed facing today…

Humanity is in fact in trouble! btw: That does “not” disclude you!
In short:&#8232;“We may very well be facing the extinction of man kind.”&#8232;(This is “NOT” an “under statement”).

Take that with the largest dose of reality you can afford. As I assure you the situation is indeed beyond Nuclear.

While you may find comfort in the main stream media’s reluctance and lack in reporting this crisis. Many peer&#8232;networks are now taking to the web, scouring the internet for evidence to bring “you” insight to this claim…

What&#8232;should be most concerneing in my opinion is that there are in fact “several” working forces, hendering this effort.&#8232;These organizations are the “same” organizations held in accountability in disclosing this same information to you.

I cant speak for you: but I am wondering myself why our government actually pays these agencies portions of my taxes…

The situation is indeed a catyclism of Lies Deciete and Fraud. At the highest branches of our governments. Though&#8232;you may be speculative of my claims, these are key supporting factors in my argument that the current situation in&#8232;Japan is so alarming that calling it an ELE (extinction level event), is actually becoming an understatment.

An important issue you need to consider is an event similar to this one unfolded 25 years ago in Chernobyl…&#8232;This too was an event where the corruption in information led to massive public health scandals; deaths; and&#8232;contamination of the planet…

The significant issues that lie ahead have postulated past their acceptibility. Mankind has limited time to deal with this situation.&#8232;As the current status of the failing reactors is so severe, that the rising in temperature to the slightest degree will be the last straw,&#8232;the tipping of the scale, the end of the line…
What once was a factiscious scenario only attributed to hollywood movies and great novel. Is indeed the reality we are facing.&#8232;

We are truly looking at the most appocalyptic situation, of biblical proportion; That mankind has “ever” faced. The amounts of&#8232;nuclear fuel present in Fukushima Daichii dwindle the now abandoned, forever contaminated, nuclear wastelands of Chernobyl.

In a very, very, crude reality. You should be preparing mentally for the challenges that you and your loved ones will be facing.&#8232;Radiation has already begun wreaking havok across our globe. The levels are bio accumulating in our food, our water, and our entire&#8232;enviroment.

Bio accumulation means that the radiation which was being down played as miniscule amounts is in fact growing in&#8232;sizes past humans integrity to refract. We are certainly headed to a unknown frontier. One where tyvek suits and gas masks are&#8232;the new essentials in survival.

If you are waiting for you government to tell you this think again… I would advise you to take a deeper look into seeking the&#8232;information that your government is not telling you… After all. They have this data…. Do they not?
I didn’t get the memo… Did you?

&#8232;You have to take into consideration that the president of the united states, only public address on the fukushima nuclear crisis to date,&#8232;was in fact a bold faced lie…

It would be a good idea for you to now take into consideration; That the very top experts of nuclear, enviromental&#8232;and radiological sciences are on the united states advisory. That the calculable distance from japan (5000 m) vs the radiations speed, and height,&#8232;in the planets jetstream isn’t a miscalculable figure…

thus my conclusion:
I would stop wasting your time wondering when they are planning on telling you the truth. After all… I just did….&#8232;They indeed have the data and could easily dispute the claims I have made… “We are facing a Nuclear holocost”
I would start wondering how you are planning to survive.
Dispute me all you would like. Prove me wrong… Now there lies a challenge…

Stay informed.&#8232;Educate yourself.

Watch the movie the road. In all reality this is an event that will unfold.

In the mean time, find comfort in being prepared as best you can. (be prepared mentally as well). You are already ahead of the curve for paying attention and asking questions…&#8232;Keep calm and remain focused so that, in the event “You do” find yourself living in a post apocalyptic nuclear situation. You have tools and training for survival.

Learn about the common known types of nuclear radiation such as beta gamma and alpha. Learn how they effect you internally and externally.
Learn how to protect and shield yourself from it. Mass will stop any radiation. Though the amount of mass in “quantity” must be able to provide enough protection to support a contamination free environment.
The denser the mass the better. Think lead, Metal, concrete ect. 6ft should be sufficient to stop gamma radiation.

Download a copy of the following to a laptop charge the battery and keep it in your emergency kit at all times:&#8232;google earth.&#8232;a survival guide.&#8232;A fallout guide.&#8232;A text document from wikipedia Labeling:&#8232;Types of radiation; radiation exposure charts;&#8232;And a radiation converting chart; This way in an emergency you have written material’s and guides, on hand. to help you survive.
Also it would be helpful to even create a radiation jump suit. so that you can move around freely if you find your self in a dangerous situation.

Nuclear fallout guide’s are a great place to start btw… I suggest You start your adventure by reading this article… It’s a few pages of everything you really need to know…( print a backup of this one…)&#8232;Call this the new bible:

[link to www.ki4u.com]

The situation; May I remind you; could get very ugly. I assume without a doubt it will. There is no shame in being aware…
stay alert, and don’t waste time. If you want to be prepared. Do so intelligently. Many of my friends have told me I shouldn’t worry about this situation. They are certainly misinformed.

I will admit no shame in treating it with the respect it deserves. It truly is thus far the biggest tragedy to ever occur on the planet, in humanities wake.
I will also remind you:&#8232;TEPCO. <—- Does not have a plan.

If your toilet was over flowing for hours, and you did not fix it. the situation still gets worse. It rots the floor, then it molds; rots your support beams ect.
and if you dropped a duece, and everyone would literally faint if they went in to fix it???

well thats the point, there…
If you don't fix it, I just demonstrated how the situation will continue to slowly and slowly get worse…
so here is my point.

Fukushima is the toilet.&#8232;People are not fainting from the smell. they are dieing. The floor and so on are the walls in which the nuclear fuel will slowly conquer and overcome. Until you lose your house.

Tepco has demonstrated that there is no sufficient way to end that said "chain reaction"…

Thus your toilet just totaled your house.

So its really up to you, on how you "feel" you should be "reacting" right now… before your sitting at home reading and are forced to deal with the shit...

The Known
(I just put this up because it seems to reflect this article in my opinion).

By Emmy, 5/23/2011
Fukushima live cam link. Keep an eye on it.
[link to www.youtube.com]


What we can tell from what we all now know, Is a clear indicator to what we could easily infer. It is a good time to start reading between the lines…

The situation is as I told you earlier. A slinky.

At this point in time the chain reaction has just started to begin. The fuel has likely metamorphosised into an evenly distributed pile of molten clots, that have all slowly melted its way through the reactors outer containment, through the reactors turbine room, and now finally is penetrating out into the soil of fukushima, through the freshly melted steel and concrete holes, it ruptured in the reactors core and outer containment.

Though this is a good thing, as the fuel has not all collected into a molten mass the situation. once again, is a slinky. So what can we infer…

Well I will now explain nuclear mechanics in another simple antidote…

Nuclear fuel is much like a basket ball, passing through a large spring. and every time the ball makes its way from start to finish, the spring creates four new basket balls, with four new springs, and this process repeats its self, over and over and over… Googles, upon googles of times, instantly. This process, creates heat. Tons of heat… Don’t think of a bic lighter, or a light bulb for that matter… Think of the sun, and how the nuclear reactions, constantly taking place light the planet earth for thousands of millions of years.

This is the process that humanity took advantage of to create thermal nuclear electricity. By capturing the nuclear fuel in an active coolant. They were able to harness and power, Massive cities globally.

The problem now, is quite simple… The basketballs and springs (neutrons and atoms), only fulfill that one function. Now that the active coolant, is not containing the fuel, the fuel is reacting. And violently! It is doing what its intended to do, create that 500,000 megawatt power source.

Meaning each molten mass inside the reactors, are literally, vaporizing any coolant, concrete or mass for that matter; into particles of radioactive isotopes by the trillions… While traveling deeper into the planets crust. And in some time will rest at the zone known as the water table.

The water table will act react with the nuclear fuel like it is bacon, on a frying pan. And the process will release plumes upon, plumes of radioactive steam… This process will last thousands of years, without any intervention. Though once it begins, as stated previously before. Tepco will be “forced to abandon the restoration efforts at fukushima…
(FYI: If you covered it, it would explode from the pressure collecting inside).

So that is in short a china syndrome.

So infer from what I told you all. The releases of steam will get greater, this is because I said: it is now evenly distributed.
Then I said its a slinky: Headed down the stairs full speed, and almost to the bottom...

Meaning what can go wrong will go wrong. (because you cant intervene).Once the fuel is all in the water table. It will do what the sun does, react with its self… Violently. We will have a miniature sun resting in a crater, vaporizing trillions upon trillions of particles into the atmosphere, potentially, for thousands of years.

Well remember those three options I wrote about earlier… Those were after tepco evacuates, and the mess goes all fooey. Those are the events I predict to come, once the situation grows into a 6 reactor event… Maybe someone could reply with a copy of those…

reality, and start preparing. We are simply facing an extinction level event. While the media is locking you out of information, I advise you inferred what that meant as well.

Learn about all the types of radiation, and their effects on health. Make backups, on a laptop that is charged. Find information on survival guides, take screen shots. Have a plan. The situation should pan out rather quickly from here. In all of nuclear physics, there is no viable way to counter react the events, to come.

So I suppose, its not a time to panic. We past that part. Now… Now, its time to prepare. (do it educationally, and in tact. Have emergency supplies, and a safe spot for shelter planned in advance…
You have time… But the situation… The situation is NUCLEAR… Welcome to reality…

Emmy 2011

Can we the reader now infer (speculate with open conversation) that the next batch of information to be released likely within 1-3 days is that the suppression chamber in unit 1 fukushima daiichi, has been breached.

Tepco working conditions will then be determined only as a:“in need to go” basis. This limiting the contamination in the line of defense. While hampering tepco’s efforts in the cooling operations of reactors 2-4.

Here’s the facts / supporting arguments:… Reactors may be “riddled with holes” — Experts suspect full meltdown at No. 1, 2 and 3

I mean lets face it… Sometime between now through Friday; “This is going to be the next reality”… This now being known, They are practically telling the reader that: The Fukushima Dai Reactor 1 is now releasing 200 Sieverts an hour atmospherically. Thats 75% of Chernobyl’s atmospheric release… Chernobyl also only lasted 8 days…

Reactor 1 is at 4 days.

So now we can infer that the worst has truly come. As the nuclear fuel is likely completely covered in water, its obviously growing in mass, and is currently in a state of full criticality. This is because we all fail to remind our selfs the reactors basements are in 3 – 4.5 feet of “highly contaminated water”. Water that just weeks earlier Severely burnt a Engineer in the early days of the crisis.

Here is another red flag / insight…
Is tepco’s road map to death still to achieve cold shut down, by repairing this reactor? Take a look!

They cant pull the lid off of it, the fuel is in the basement, the fumes are lethal, the water, is lethal. The suppression chamber is riddled with holes, the outer containment is in the pacific ocean, the fuel is in molten lumps in a basement like sauna irradiating a likley 500 – 1000+ sieverts. The walls need reinforcment, there is no roof, the gauges, turbines, meters, dodas, and flimsies, are all completely farked…

Not to mention they dropped tons of water on the machine from a helicopter. (this isn’t a building; Its a machine…) If you dropped a ton of water, let alone 40-50ton loads on your microwave would it work fine if you plugged it in?

This breach will be determined to have been caused by both the pressure building inside the reactor 1 breaching seals inside the reactor… (as reported earlier this week) Mixed with references to the altercations created during operations of nitrogen being injected; the reactor passing its structural limits in thermal nuclear heat decay; and last but not least: molten Fuel that has breached the core and suppression chamber…

This all basically means we are farked. bottom line farked…

Sadly it will just take anyone about another two to four weeks to spell it out…

Like I said. Did you buy water yet?

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05/14/2012 07:47 PM
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Re: Tacomagroove Californian radiation Nuclear fukushima.
Anonymous Coward
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05/14/2012 11:56 PM
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Re: Tacomagroove Californian radiation Nuclear fukushima.