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YOU are privy to this information: THIS IS THE WAY IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1402916
05/27/2011 04:38 PM
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YOU are privy to this information: THIS IS THE WAY IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN

"The caldera was formed after the colossal Laacher See eruption dated to 12,900 years ago."

2012 0 0
-1648 3660 3660
-5308 3660 7320
-8968 3660 10980
-12628 3660 14640

The Laacher See eruption occurred 3 cycles ago... 10,000 BC, approximately.

Laacher See due to cyclic Sun-companion perigee and impact event:

Firestone (2009) has compiled a large body of data which he believes provides an explanation for the century-long Younger Dryas onset and the extinction of mammoths and other megafauna. Firestone’s case for an impact, however, suffers from a number of internal inconsistencies which will be addressed in this paper. Contrary to Firestone's (2009) interpretations of the data, the impact hypothesis appears to be refuted when we examine the events surrounding the extinction of megafauna and the purported demise of the Clovis culture, particularly in reference to chronology, archaeology, and paleoecology.

Firestone (2009) restricts his focus to North America. However, even more giant mammal species disappeared in South America than in the north, and it seems that they went extinct at least a few hundred years later than the northern animals (Cione et al. 2009, Borrero 2009). How can this be attributed to the same impact hypothesized to have instantaneously caused the North American extinctions? If the megafauna of Florida were killed off by the blast, why weren’t the medium-sized ground sloths on the nearby Caribbean islands wiped out until after 5000 cal BP (Steadman et al. 2005, MacPhee et al. 2007)?

If the heat wave generated by a blast in eastern Canada was powerful enough to ignite fires on Santa Rosa Island off the coast of California and immolate the dwarf Mammuthus exilis which resided there, why did it not also finish off the small mammoths of Wrangel Island off Siberia, or those living on the Pribilofs who did not die out until ca. 5000-4000 cal BP (Vartanyan et al. 1995, Martin and Stuart 1995, Arslanov et al. 1998, Guthrie 2004, Crossen et al. 2005)? Caribou around the Great Lakes were not wiped out at the YD onset, nor were bison or deer, cougar, wolves, or bears farther south. Elk (wapiti) and possibly moose appear to have entered the US from Beringia (Guthrie 2006) via an ice-free corridor at the same time humans did (just prior to the YD). If the impact debris can be seen in the Usselo soils of western Europe (a claim rejected by European specialists (van der Hammen and van Geel 2008), why weren’t human and animal populations wiped out there, too? I suppose, arguably, that the ostensible cultural and demographic effects of the Laacher See eruption, 200 years prior to YD onset (Litt et al. 2003, Riede 2008), might instead be attributed to the impact).

[link to journalofcosmology.com]

[link to www.museomonfalcone.it]

Consider the Younger Dryas onset as a type of what is NOW OCCURRING TO US:

[link to www.pnas.org]

The Younger Dryas event, which began approximately 12,900 years ago, was a period of rapid cooling in the Northern Hemisphere, driven by large-scale reorganizations of patterns of atmospheric and oceanic circulation1, 2, 3. Environmental changes during this period have been documented by both proxy-based reconstructions3 and model simulations4, but there is currently no consensus on the exact mechanisms of onset, stabilization or termination of the Younger Dryas5, 6, 7, 8. Here we present high-resolution records from two sediment cores obtained from Lake Kråkenes in western Norway and the Nordic seas. Multiple proxies from Lake Kråkenes are indicative of rapid alternations between glacial growth and melting during the later Younger Dryas. Meanwhile, reconstructed sea surface temperature and salinity from the Nordic seas show an alternation between sea-ice cover and the influx of warm, salty North Atlantic waters. We suggest that the influx of warm water enabled the westerly wind systems to drift northward, closer to their present-day positions. The winds thus brought relatively warm maritime air to Northern Europe, resulting in rising temperatures and the melting of glaciers. Subsequent input of this fresh meltwater into the ocean spurred the formation of sea ice, which forced the westerly winds back to the south, cooling Northern Europe. We conclude that rapid alternations between these two states immediately preceded the termination of the Younger Dryas and the permanent transition to an interglacial state.

[link to www.nature.com]

Here's what happened (and is happening now):

1) Sun's binary sister comes in perigee orbit

2) Sun and entire solar system climatology is exacerbated by gravitational pull on planetary cores throughout all planets in Sol's system.

3) Volcanism and EQ become massive and fill the sky with detris/ash and sulfuric acid; climate changes ensue from 'global warming' and-then-cooling.

4) Binary companion sweeps through perigee disturbing Oort cloud and massive meteorite/asteroid impacts on Earth follow with subsequent EXTERMINATIONS of biota.

5) Binary companion moves out, meteorites/asteroids abate, relative calm begins for another 3660 years.

Last time this cycle occurred before 2012? 1648 BC -- the end of Santorini/Thera, the end of Minoan Culture, and the Hebrew Exodus occurred -- 1648 BC.

You will recall the 10 plagues of Egypt? Recall this one:

User ID: 1403080
05/27/2011 04:42 PM
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Re: YOU are privy to this information: THIS IS THE WAY IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN
I just skipped through, looks like a good work, saving it for later.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1370139
United States
05/27/2011 04:51 PM
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Re: YOU are privy to this information: THIS IS THE WAY IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN
Curious insights to the plagues.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1040464
United Kingdom
05/27/2011 05:06 PM
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Re: YOU are privy to this information: THIS IS THE WAY IT IS GOING TO GO DOWN
Are you talking of the 26000 year cycle?

Thread: Global warming is a cover story for the earths 26,000 year precessional cycle