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Signs of Christ return - prophesied natural Disaster, star death & coming Israeli War

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United States
05/27/2011 09:04 PM
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Signs of Christ return - prophesied natural Disaster, star death & coming Israeli War
Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy, a war that Israel fights, God intervenes and returns over it. Zechariah 14 shows how events unfold fiery destruction that melt men's eyes and Christ's return. The Bible says He will come like a flash of lightning from the East to the West.

Who are the nations mentioned in the biblical coalition against Israel- Gog Magog, Rosh Tubal? Some say Russia, Iran & china.

All led to the valley of Megiddo for a land war.

Another prophecy speaks about a war in the heavens. An air war or something else?

From the time the antichrist sets up his image in the temple their will be 3 and 1/2 years left on Earth where extreme destruction will take place.

Something like "a mountain of glass" to "fall into the sea". Is this an asteroid, volcanic structure or some other thing?

Recently a tablet from Assyria was found that speaks about an asteroid that was shaped like a bowl and destroyed Sodom and Gemorrah. It was 1/2 mile thick.

NASA tracks Aphopeus an asteroid the size of Manhatten they once stated would fall into the Pacific Ocean by their calculations. Other comments have been made.

The Bible prophesies 100lb hail to fall, 100 cases of huge hail called megacryometeors exist and are studied by scientist around the world. The biggest being about 900 pounds in Brazil.

What do you all think of this?

To see video evidence from news and government agencies go to www.myholyhouse.com video page and blog as well as www.saveholysites.com journal with relevant articles and thematic blog entries.

Lastly, the Bible prophecies star death and sun moon changes. The "stars will fall from heaven", The sun will "go dark" and "the moon turn to blood. "

Stars use to die every six years, then every six days now daily.

The sun going dark scientifically is it becoming active with cool dark regions on its surface.

The moon has water on it fitting a prophecy that make reference to the Nile river being turned to blood.

Some think the sun dark, moon blood parable-riddle refers to an eclipse. 4 lunar eclipses will occur in 2014-2015 Jewish year and 2 solar eclipses. 4 times in history this occurred when Israel was at war, Spanish inquisition, 1948 Israel rebirth & 1968 Jerusalem 6 day war. What do you all think of this.

I think the Bible is true, it is 100% accurate for prophecy for thousands of years. Nostradamus only .01%. I think and know christ is alive and is god and is fulfilling His word.

As a child I saw Him. I asked if I will see Him again He said," you will see". I asked how will I know He said "you will know". He said" I am with you", all scripture verses I later in adulthood found out from Isaiah 40-43. So it is for all of us who will believe in Him. Make the right choice please He said" choose life."

I tell to love you all, so many will be saved from hell and these destructive calamities, just call His name He will save you and help you. He promises to save you and your families if you believe in Him and confess, talk about Him to others. God bless.

Do not worry about a 200 million man war. In one night says the Bible God sent 1 angel to destroy an army that was camped near Israel. The angel killed 185,000 men as they slept. God has tens of thousands times tens of thousands of angels, we only need about 11.

Love you all in Jesus name. The most effective prayer, Father God, _________in Jesus name. His Spirit in a vision taught me this as a child, it is in the bible, it has never failed.

I was saved from a head on collision with serious injuries healed, multiple illnesses and became pregnant with a healthy miracle child 6 weeks after an operation on my womb. Is anything to difficult for the Lord.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1403724
United States
05/27/2011 09:22 PM
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Re: Signs of Christ return - prophesied natural Disaster, star death & coming Israeli War
Nice post OP !