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Message Subject !!!Do aliens create tornadoes for human abuctions?????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

When aliens abduct you they take you away not drop you randomly on your neighbors roof
 Quoting: superdave

People often return with clothing on that's not their own. They are returned to wrong homes sometimes. Placed in beds wrong, placed in wrong rooms.

What OP's suggesting is conceivable, but truly they don't probably need the destruction of a town as a "cover" to abduct a large number of persons simultaneously.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 728979

You are right, I just wondering WHY they would travel inside tornadoes. Anyway, had never heard about this before. The book is really great and it is free. Author was a researcher that was really well know ... too bad she died before finishing her fourth book. Check it out. The only reason I brought it up at all was the way the authorities were acting around Joplin, like "maybe" they were trying to cover up something.

 Quoting: snow_bunny

JOPLIN?! I thought that this was a dead thread when I posted a second ago. I know that it likely has NOTHING to do with it. But the strange "UFO" that involved a funnel that my mother, brother and I saw was in Neosho, MO. Only 15 minutes away. And... the only reason that I searched for ""Aliens, tornadoes" on Google was because of a strange feeling that I had on the Joplin tornado. Big coincidence, I'm sure.. but this is the first site that came up.
Our sighting was at LEAST 10 years ago though.
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