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Message Subject !!!Do aliens create tornadoes for human abuctions?????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hi, I ran across this thread while searching for the same basic idea.
I don't know if aliens even exist, All I know is that I, and my mother and brother, saw something VERY strange as a child. We were on a 4 hour trip, all evening, we ALL noticed a particularly bright star/satellite, even though we never mentioned it to each other until after the fact.
When we were close to home, the star/satellite started moving. My mother, who was driving, pulled over and both her and my brother started watching it. I woke up soon after.
It moved up near the top/center of the sky from where we were, directly underneath of a small-ish cloud.
The really freaky thing is... the cloud then FUNNELED into the light. Almost like the light sucked up the cloud. It was so strange! Then, my mom was clearly freaked out, as were the rest of us. She started driving home. My brother and I observed that the light went through one end of the sky to the other, almost like it was playing cat and mouse with us and knew that we were there. Once we had gotten home, it disappeared though.
I don't know what it was, not saying that it was Alien or supernatural, all I know is that it was weird and I wasn't the only one that saw it.
None of us were abducted, but we DID see a funnel associated with it.
I would like to learn more though.
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damn...what's going on out there? hiding
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