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Message Subject !!!Do aliens create tornadoes for human abuctions?????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is a quote from page 127 of Karla Turner's book "Masquerade of Angels":

"I remembered being returned to the house in
a dark, swirling atmosphere, and all of my relatives saw what
they thought was a tornado. They’d been out looking for me
because the storm was coming up, and nobody could find me
until it blew over. My uncle said that he saw different colored lights inside the funnel cloud, which probably came from the UFO."

The reptilian aliens hid inside a manufactured tornado to return this boy to his home after a hideous abduction. No one would have known about this if the uncle had not seen them INSIDE the tornado!

Makes me wonder about that huge tornado in Joplin and why the authorities are keeping people away. Did they "drop in" using the tornado and make a massive abduction of the populace?

Everyone needs to read this book. You can goggle it and download it for free. The author is dead now. She suddenly developed a rapid growing cancer and died before she could get out part 2 of this book. It's a great book but she is scary!!!!! Really makes me wonder just WHAT is going on. Are we just food to these creatures?

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