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Message Subject ***INDIANS*** The Neverending Indian GLP CLUB - Thread!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I agree with the AC above me. Every country has GOOD/BAD people. You,the Indians in this thread, give Indians a BAD name spewing hate for any other country besides India. Now I have some Indian friends who are wonderful people, so ill consider you the bad apples. Some future advice, WE ARE ALL FAMILY, judging an entire country from only a select few makes you seem like a complete idiot. (NO MATTER IF ITS DONE TO YOU OR NOT)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1451930

This is an old thread. You don't know the context under which the comments were posted. There was a heated debate about India being TOTALLY dirty. WHich is what led to that posting about the US and China.

Granted we are all in the same family boat.


Here's the thread:
Thread: INDIA: Why the Chinese and the West can't see the real side of India
 Quoting: abhie

That is the thread I came here from. People are correct on some things, India has some cleaning to do. But what country doesnt? None that I know of. BUT To say every Indian is filthy and dirty, so far from the truth its not funny. These people need yours/mine/our help. Wasnt trying to be a dick with my first post BTW. LOVE
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