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Message Subject NATO symbol is the Swastika/National Socialist Empire
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
borman was killed by the train station in april 45
dna testin on the remains found showed it was borman.
Paperclip was cia, which already had staunch nazi supporters.
It didnt need borman or any of those doods.. it needed the expertise of people like your rocket men etc..
the only top level nazis they wanted was people like klaus barbie... mainly cos they had far better intel of the soviet situation.
Nazi's still run the roost but not from paperclip... goes way back before then
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1423756

then again, according to a man claiming to be Otto Skorzeny, Bormann is in Florida and a upstanding member of the Republican party.

"Most Wanted SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorists Alois "The Butcher" Brunner aka: C.I.A. Assassins "brown tie"& Martin
"The Banker" Bormann "blue suit". Mengele in the middle. 2003 Photo. *Notice the gun in Brunner's right hand & a gun in
his shoulder harness. Bormann had many look-a-likes or doubles.Hitler's banker SS Nazi Martin Bormann aka: C.I.A.
"spook" is still alive & bankrolling the Republicans with stolen Holocaust money! Never Before Published Photo!

Martin Bormann was “supposedly” born in Halberstadt on June 17, 1900? He was “probably” born in 1911 or 1920 as
was Dr. Josef Mengele. Hitler’s plan was to have young SS nazis run the Third Reich, in hopes that they would live long
enough to start the Fourth Reich or New World Order in America in the year 2004.

Bormann was one of Hitler’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, George Bush, Mengele, and Gehlen were the other
three. Skorzeny was the unofficial Fifth “Horseman.”29 The son of a former Prussian regimental Sergeant-Major who
later became a postoffice employee, Bormann dropped out of school to work on a farming estate in Mecklenburg."

[link to thebushconnection.com]
there are better photos of Bormann in the .pdf book are are unmistakably and definitely Bormann

note the handgun in the belt of Bormann at this Republican fundraising party
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