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Message Subject NATO symbol is the Swastika/National Socialist Empire
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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i bought the bush connection book and studied it. to me, it looks like a lot of that book is spot-on, but there are a few things that seemed false, and i assume that Skorzeny might have told a few fibs or protected a few of the secrets. if Skorzeny had told the whole plan and the whole truth, i would imagine that he and his family would have died within hours. some of the stuff about the moon seemed too far out. also, Mengele. he may have mislead the author about the true identiy and whereabouts of Mengele -- all the author did was just tell what Skorzeny told him (and he tried personally to verify what he could).

But, Skorzeny definitely pointed in a lot of the right directions.

if you are interested, check this out.

4 parts

[link to www.youtube.com]
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