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Message Subject NATO symbol is the Swastika/National Socialist Empire
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The third reich was Hitler's reich, the fourth reich is Borman's reich.

Borman did a deal with the allies which gave rise to operation paperclip and the transfer of secret technology. The seeding of US, UK and Russian government agencies with staunch (vatican backed) nazis had only one outcome - A fourth reich.

Nato is now a fouth reich tool used to resolve NWO issues and bring the non-compliant states and leaders into the fold by force.
 Quoting: Taruwah

Well maybe but it's just not the same without the super cool sexy uniforms and Swastika banners hanging from every building. It was a visual feast! When I watch "Where Eagles dare" I don't know whether to hate the Nazis or adore their sassy visage.
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