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Message Subject NATO symbol is the Swastika/National Socialist Empire
Poster Handle MG-42
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Brzenski, the highest ranking CIA officer and Father of the Council on Foreign Relations came from Nazi-Poland .. or preocuppied Poland just after the war .. worked his way up the ladder. Guess who taught O at Columbia U about Marxism? Brzenski was teaching there as a Professor doing some recruiting. Brzenski worked for David D. Rockefeller (was appointed by Rockefeller to the CFR). Guess who else worked for Rockefeller (through Rockefeller's US mainland Oil company)? O's Grandfather, Stanley Dunham. Guess who's Stepfather worked for Rockefeller under his "Mobil Oil" Indonsian branch? Lolo Soetoro did. Lolo managed "Mobil Oil" of Indonesia. Guess who many researchers say was providing the German War machine at least 20% of her Oil needs? Yeah, not a far leap, but "Mobil Oil" of Indonesia.

Most people don't research or wouldn't know how to connect dots if they did, and this why the US keeps getting gutted of her wealth for purposes of a UN/NATO order. Any wonder why Hillary wanted to be Prez of the world bank?

It should be obvious, not the in the best interest of what the US stands for - definitely not Socialism (a.k.a Marxism lite).
 Quoting: DanZman 1339675

My friend, this is a different kind of socialism... It's not Marxism.

National Socialism which is far-right socialism, is the total opposite of Left-Wing Marxist Socialism.

National Socialism (which is the Fourth Reich) is basically corporate mergence with government which is Fascism, in order to control the world.

Marxist-Socialism is basically a means of the working class, and the people controlling the resources. Sort of like a Republic.

There is a big mix up regarding this issue here in the west. But that is for the main purpose of the elites getting away with what they are. To cause confusion.
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