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Message Subject ***Why don't activists put tear gas Canisters into garbage bags and seal it? ****
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
best way to get rid of cops at a demonstration is to:

1. age dozens of cartons of eggs for lets say 1-6 months on a balcony exposed to the sun

2. confiscate the eggs into police infastructure, such as cop cars, squat team trucks, appartus truks, and front lines. the shit stinks. the cops will abandon their post.

3. throw the eggs at the police uniforms and/or gear. they will promptly take it off.

4. you can't wash out the smell. their gear will be useless and police will go into convulsions ready to throw up.

5. their tear gas masks might protect them.. not sure.

i am just guessing of course. i've never been in a demonstration... i'm just having fun typing LOL...

I'm full of shit...

btw - liquid ammonia might work just as well, but wrotten eggs have always worked for me.. my family use to raise chickens and we once had to clear the house for over a month once one rotten egg was broken inside.. we cleaned and cleaned and could not get rid of the smell... it literally took that long...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1389947

That would be pretty nasty getting egg'd with rotten ones :)
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