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Anonymous Coward
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06/18/2011 02:44 PM
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What might "urban guerilla riotin tactics" look like?

I mean the age of straight up riots is pretty much dead with all the new technologies that have come out and are being implemented. A simple change in behaviour, on the other hand, changes things for us...

My suggestions are:

1. Don't hang around in huge groups to confront the police. Mobalize as a group only for short periods of time, like 2-3 minutes, and disappear all in different directions.

2. Use rotten eggs in shopping bags, coffee mugs, and spare clothing. break the eggs against items when in the area you wish to disrupt, and drop them off safely in nearby garbage cans, or underneath vehicles when nobody is paying attention.
Rotten eggs will clear out a block of people and line the street with vomit.

3. If you got balls, hurl rotten eggs at police in riot gear, and in cop staging areas (where they set-up) or in vehicles. This will render their exploits useless.... hurling them from roofs with planned escape routes might also work well.

4. Plan diversionary tactics when escaping. That is don't merely plan to run straight home. Always plan a diversionary tactic 20-100m away - the shorter distance the better. Modify your clothing somehow, have a place with friends that is safe and who will give you an alibi, and use something easy like public transportation or crowds to disappear in. Also try and double-back as much as possible.

5. Use countersurvellience. Try and get a friend or two to approve a good time for your actions. Nothing like a 2nd set of eyes and ears.

6. Work alone also, if you can. If you are the type that never has to boast of things in a bar, than you may often be more effective than a legion of people. Loners can accomplish often what teams of trained agents can never do or anticipate. And an army of loners is pretty much invincible.

7. Drop empty backpacks everywhere around perimeters cops are guarding. better yet, leave them everywhere in the city so at no time, may cops consider themselves safe. if enough people do this, it will make their lives hell.

you may also drop backpacks at strategic locations before a public gathering somewhere else, such as at the cop-shop. this might disable their ability to organize. or on that matter, on the quickest and only effective route to the gathering.

8. remember that your goal in a riot is to merely shut-down the city and to give the police a clear vision that they are not in control.

9. if you do come by tear gas that terrorizes citizens, use a garden spade and dig up some earth. get a t-shirt, off you back if possible, and hot-cake into the whol

10. Do not congregate in crowds where riot cops show up. the more they get the impression that when they show up that they are useless at what they are doing, because there is nobody around to fight, the more you win.

11. Play very loud music wherever cops show up to fight a rioting crowd. Of course there should be no crowd. but the music that is left for them should disturb them psychologically and take atleast 2-15 minutes to disable. a ghetto-blaster left on top of a roof, or taped underneath a parked car, should play something like "the chicken dance" or "a whole lot of barrel of fun" or "whatever".

12. publicize public gathering regularly, all too often, and spread the word that nobody is to ever show up at them. eventually the cops will show up at dozens and dozens of rallies and protests only to find that nobody is ever there. eventually they will never know how to take anything seriously, and this will psychologicall wear them down.
stage these false events against the IMF, the local government, g20, and whatever else.

13. If possible, make use of peaceful gatherings!!! they are often your most effective tool. but do not let peaceful protestors gather on the streets. NEVER DO THIS!

For those that can organize well, rent an exhibition centre, lets say 3-10km from the streets where a protest would normally occur. Make sure this area is not to be zoned off. Hire your own security guards, and invite the local cops to protect protestors, and invite the media to this exhibition centre. Protest inside he building, away from where a protest might normally take place near a gathering like at the G20 summit in Toronto. This way cops have no reason to arrest anyone, and they can't go throwing rubber bullets and tear gas around inside conference centres, where everyone is peaceful and where your own security is hanging out. it just won't work...

Ghandi called this "moral jujitsu". One must not only outsmart the enemy, but use their conscience against them. And such tactics as outlined above will give no edge to those who wish to persecute peaceful protesters.

Never let peaceful protesters go to jail, or get beaten up. Protect them with lawyers, private security, invited media, private videos and cameras, and lots of eye witnesses where cops have no reason to belong. Make places where you plan to publically protest "cop traps" in the manner, that if they mishandle the event, they will be in court for the next 5 years, with dishnourable discharges.

The goverments here may also not hire the Blac bloc to disrupt events at exhibition centres. And so-called anarchists will have no impetus to add misleading flavour to events that are staged in such quarters. They will be arrested by your own security to be sure.

14. Form private companies of security guards, that work under the same laws as normal security guards, but are volunteer driven. Use these security guards to monitor and patrol your own public gatherings that will in all likely hood, only occur on rented and/or owned private property. use this tactic against the state as much as you wish.
and whatever bad apples there might be in the crowd, have them arrested, whether on public or private space.

volunteer security should also be equipped with fire extinguishers and the means to take down people who disrupt peaceful protests.

remember, never allow violence or destruction of property to occur near public protesters! anybody who does this, should have no place participating in organized "urban guerilla tactics". it is anti-thetical.

15. form coalitions of lawyers to protest peaceful protesters, and miscellaniously charged others. in toronto, canada, this was already very well organized during the g20, and it is still being put to good use today, suing cops, and protecting citizens and the like.

16. use remote controlled aircraft to harrass police on the ground. never use it as a weapon! merely fly it 10 feet over their heads to psychologically throw them off.

use remote controlled vehicles also. attach objects on top of them using duct tape that might be dangerous that might look like bombs. drive them towards the police. do it with more than one remote controlled vehicle like a calvary charge. also try and outflank them if possible. they might even get orders to run, or might even disobey orders and start running....

better yet, tape rotten eggs to the top of the vehicles. if cops are stupid enough to have them broken they will pay with the contents of their stomachs.

17. spray paint over all street signs, and/or tear them down. sometimes merely throwing a chain over a street sign and swinging on it, with one's body weight, is enough to rip it off. this works great during war times, so it will no doubt work well during a general strike. it will also make the cops jobs a lot harder to coordinate, as a lot of them will be stuck looking at maps, rather than on where they are going, and trying to agree and disagree with eachother.

18. some activists can also choose to mail letters to cop shops, anonymously, from all sources and locations. you likely won't be able to do this for long without being caught, but a week or two of it could really slow the police down.. be creative... but don't hurt anyone.

19. make an inquiry at the local cops shops. use their washrooms. find places to stash rotten eggs where they can't find them without looking very hard. break them inside air vents, over the grills, where they can ooze inside, for example. and wash them inside with a little bit of water to clean up the grill into the vent so its not obvious. the building shoudl be evacauted for months and leave them without a place to coordinate. even throwing rotten eggs on their roofs from the street, or smashing them underneath their patrol cars will do a lot of damage.

20. phone the police and ask them why they are not doing anything about the riot on such and such a street. meanwhile, nobody is there. and nothing is happening. eventually they will stop trusting what they see and hear...