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Subject True future of earth ascension climax (Mayan 2012?) vision by REAL reincarnated Biblical prophet: "end of the world and TIME as we know it"
Poster Handle danieleliangel
Post Content
Many are "speculating" about the future of the earth.

Want to find someone who is not guessing, but has actually BEEN TO THE FUTURE, witness first-hand the "end of time" and returned to tell about it?

Daniel of the Bible has returned NOW (awakened October 1999) as modern prophet, incarnated angel/messenger AND, as hard as this is to believe, is now (partially) incarnating the figure called Ancient of Days. (NOT Most High Creator of universe.)

Posting the whole August 3, 2000 vision is too long for a forum so by all means please read about it and watch the 10 minute video where Daniel the (reincarnated prophet/messenger) attempts to describe the "indescribable."

This was NOT a "dream" or "OBE" or astral travelling. This was physical BI-location then transportation into the distant future to witness the final 5 minutes of the end time ascension of entire earth to 5th, or "merger of heaven and earth" etc.

Vision experience happened a full DECADE ago, but has been what all the Mayan 2012 "ascension" people have been talking about all along! It is also what the Bible calls the "end of the world."


Until this time had NO prior knowledge of Bible and Mayan calendar/2012 "stuff."

This is NOT a "belief" or "conspiracy" or "speculation."

It was Ultimate reality and destiny of planet earth.

However, no one really knows the exact day, but everyone of course is suggesting 12-21-2012.

But we need to actively PARTICIPATE collectively together in synchronized prayers, decrees, meditations until reaching "critical mass" or Zero Point."

To learn more of YOU can help HASTEN this destiny and read full vision and watch Daniel's 10 minute Youtube video describing this incredible event, see:

[link to www.worldpeaceprayervision.org]


[link to endtimeprophet2012.com]

Blessings, your messenger until "the end,"


P.S. if you are in doubt about this "Daniel" then is suggested to read the (free-to-read) decade old spiritual autobiography at:

[link to finalbookofdaniel.com]

P.S. Additionally, this secretive "Daniel" at the "end of the days" works behind the scenes, and has a "Biblical" accuracy rate in "knowing the future," all documented publicly, well before hand. That being said, do you not think you begin to take notice by now?
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