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Message Subject True future of earth ascension climax (Mayan 2012?) vision by REAL reincarnated Biblical prophet: "end of the world and TIME as we know it"
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
the only one who tells the future and carries proof of same is myself
and when i tell what i saw it does come.
i even saw the end ,i cried for hours after the vision.
yes,only he who tells ahead and can be verified after is the true one.
i know its me as everyone rejected me.
even the dc pyramid i told ahead would fall and it did fall,but none connectede it as valuable.
the native Hopi wer told their stones reading
(one of many readings)
was fukoshima and the plants falling,
thirty days ahead they knew but said nothing.
they only said no man can know the future.

i even told ahead obama would win before he ran.
i told the world three years ahead of fukoshima and even how it happened
we dropped the bombs on japan.
i reported two nukes still there from ww2,one found a month later,and the second? well it was the hydrogen explosion that began the faulty destruction.

whats worse is the things i told that have not yet come.
12-21-2012 is the day they want to kill me.
now as a sign i am ahead of them,the Sioux white buffalo calf died.
their hearts broken,but they refuse my wisdom as well.
every one has refused my future visions even while i hold truth with me none asked for the proof.
and the firestone ,yes in my hands but i will toss it back in the abyss myself.

only i could know these things i told and when the faces on the rocks even say my name and show my face i am still rejected.
the native Hopi hold my stone,i hold theirs.
thats harmony.the two sides who hate beyond compare are both having religion come true in both sides at once.

oh well,its my story now so i let it play my way now and i chose to let it ride as man wants it the way it is.
so be it.
and i am that i am is my name as well
dna rna what i am is as well my name dana rene
but none care.
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