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Message Subject True future of earth ascension climax (Mayan 2012?) vision by REAL reincarnated Biblical prophet: "end of the world and TIME as we know it"
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
funny how "daniel eli" did not reveal one event ahead at all but only cut and pasted biblical verses over and over again.
thus verifing he is a false prophet.
i can prove my words told ahead
that is the real spirit of prophesy,telling tomorrow ahead.
son ,you make up a lot of web pages look good but your first mistake was asking for donations and say you seek not worldly things.

i am the true prophet,i carry real time evidence as to my truths as well.i never quote the bible.
i simply look forward and tell as i saw things.then they happen.
you are not told anything ahead i cant pull out of a book.

wow man,you are seeking riches in cash not heaven.
typical false prophet asking for financial gains.
i beat you down to the ground for your falseness.
and everyone who reads this post beware ,this is the wolves they told ahead of.god needs no money
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