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Did George Anthony Murder Caylee Anthony?

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United States
06/21/2011 12:26 AM
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Did George Anthony Murder Caylee Anthony?
So remember that duct tape was found with Caylee's remains, and Cindy Anthony testified that was George Anthony's duct tape. He was the only one who used it. And then George Anthony reportedly had had an incestuous relationship with his daughter when she was 13. So this is a weird guy. Then George Anthony apparently was planning suicide in 2009 and had written a 5 page suicide note, had been drinking heavily, but was stopped before he killed himself. See [link to abcnews.go.com] So was he attempting suicide because of guilt that he had murdered his granddaughter? And now we are told that George Anthony had made a series of phone calls to convicted kidnapper Vasco Thompson, although Thompson now denies this. So why did George have repeated phone conversations with a convicted kidnapper unless he was trying to solicit Thompson to kidnap and possibly aid in the murder of his granddaughter?
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