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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Waterbug
Post Content
I can tell you to a 100% certainty that Cesium 137, Iodine 131, and Xenon 133 have been detected in Canada, the USA, Europe, and is still spreading worldwide.

Check out this article on my website, has all the gory details.
[link to www.rezn8d.com]

The truly sad part is that even on a forum GLP you still get blatant denial that we are all in REAL DEEP SHIT.

Infant mortality is apparently already on the rise in the US.
I expect that the radioactive cesium will be detected in our food supply very shortly, if not already. Fukushima recently was hit by an earthquake that cracked the ground and radioactive steam is now venting from there. This is indicative of meltdown into the core, as water is vaporized and massive amounts of radiation are released into the Jetstream.

Worldwide Radiation Detected -

[link to db.eurad.uni-koeln.de]

View the 80MB Gif animation of the Cesium worldwide spread below, will blow your mind!
Cesium Worldwide Spread - ddcs_hem_1h_movtotal_1.gif
[link to db.eurad.uni-koeln.de]

Fukushima updates here:
[link to enenews.com]
[link to fairewinds.com]

Radiactive Iodine 131 - Fukushima Spread
[link to zardoz.nilu.no]

Radiactive Cesium 137 - Fukushima Spread
[link to zardoz.nilu.no]

Radiactive Xenon 133 - Fukushima Spread
[link to zardoz.nilu.no]

Independent: Why Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl; “Now the truth is coming out” — 72,000 times worse than Hiroshima
[link to enenews.com]

Report: 76 trillion becquerels of Plutonium-239 released from Fukushima — 23,000 times higher than previously announced
[link to enenews.com]

Fukushima media coverage 'may be harmful'
[link to www.newscientist.com]

This guy knows who to point the finger at:

and it is only getting worse by the day:

Highest Yet: 512 Sv/hr at Reactor No. 1 (CHART)
[link to enenews.com]

First Time: Gov’t admits Plutonium-238 detected in locations far from Fukushima plant
[link to enenews.com]

Check out live radiation tracking here:

[link to www.radiationnetwork.com]

They are trucking the radioactive material to the south of Japan, ensuring that the entire population of the island receives the same dosages of radioactive goodness. This is a massive coverup to the save the multibillion dollar nuclear industry. Germany has already closed ALL of it's nuclear plants. Wake up, sound the alarm, and do something!

and bravo for posting this here, my posts get no play round here. karma +10

Please view the info at my website linked above.

add: Half Past Human is predicting that next year there will be actual markings on food packaging promoting "radiation free" and people will get into cooking herbal remedies to counteract all the radiation damage early next year. Food for thought.
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