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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Fukushima Children Humiliated by Their Teacher for Not Drinking Fukushima Milk, and Cabinet Secretary Sneers

A couple of readers of this blog have sent me the link to this video, but I haven't created a post about it just because it just makes me sick, really sick. Well here it is, I've warned you. Watch it at your own risk.
[link to ex-skf.blogspot.com]

50% copy rule, rest of article and video at link
 Quoting: Southern OR

Thank you for this link. Last week, I went to a supermarket which wasn't the usual place where I buy groceries. So I was in a hurry and needed to buy milk and other stuff, so I picked up the first one I saw (I know it was a careless atittude). Well, the thing is the milk was only .97 yen (which is more or less 1 dollar I guess) and it was written as "low fat", and it was a label I never used before (I always buy low-fat milk, and it's about that price, so I didn't found strange), while a whole milk usually cost 1.95 dollars (more or less, 155 yen aprox) for 1 liter. I bought 2 litters.

When I got home, at night, I wanted to make some coffee and I don't know why, I took a better look at the cartoon, and what did I see?? That milk was from Fukushima!! OMG, I felt so outraged by the fact they are ACTUALLY SELLING milk from there.. Needless to say, I throw away the 2 cartoons.. But what angered me the most was the fact they were trying to sell that shit writting "LOW FAT" (big letters on that), to conceal the real origin of it. I wonder how many people are buying and drinking this without even knowing it, everyday.. This is so sad..

I thought they didn't sell powdered milk in here, but I found a brand, "Brite" (Nestle), (well, I'm not sure if it's milk or just a cream for the coffee), but I'm using it now.

BTW, thanks Waterbug for your updates on Fukushima, appreciated..
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