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why new madrid earthquake will have a tidal wave!

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User ID: 16913
United States
09/12/2005 10:36 AM
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why new madrid earthquake will have a tidal wave!
hi all...

I once, years ago, had a terrible vision of a major earthquake, an
earthquake that was followed by at least one tidal wave!

I used to live in the exact middle of the New Madrid fault line area,
in the Carbondale area of Souther Illinois.

After my dream, I wondered why maybe there was such tidal
waves 600 miles from the Gulf and 400 miles from Lake Michigan!
Carbondale is about 400 feet above sea level:
the Ohio/Mississippi junction is about 280 feet above sea level.

why a tidal wave?

Know I know why, and the reason is just plain old "Engineering",
a fact that few few foresee!


---my 1990, or so, dream, in part...


so here it is, a couple of days after the 17th of march,
This date is an Anniversary date, the 13th year
anniversary date
of my Sister´s death. She was my only Sister...we
were close...I lived with her, just before she died.
We we living in SOUTHERN ILLINOIS, just
of Carbondale, near Southern Illinois
University...yes, right at the
very bottom of that state, where that New Madrid fault line is.
She went to the bathroom, about 7AM, before driving off to her
Typing Business office.
she did not come out of that bathroom, the ambulance people had to
carry her out; the funeral was the following week!!
so, on the anniversary date, march 17, 1999, of her death..I had
this DREAM, the dream that I am going to give to you, now!
---And as in many of my other earthchanges
vision-dreams, I
followed a one person, throughout the
dream...as if
I WERE that person!! Seems I used someone else´s subcounscious
memory-images, to make up this dream, but this person is in the
FUTURE, from "now"....someone ahead of us, in time!I followed
what must be weeks of his life!
---so here I sit, reflecting upon that Vision-dream, and
rewriting it out-------

This dream begins....

I am At a house. I was a younger member of this family, 10 to
15 years old, perhaps. I went down to the basement to talk to my
my family were checking their apples, in cardboard boxes, that were
winter storage, and had found that some of the apple-filled boxes
were rotten on their bottoms and they had run out of boxes,
to replace them.
they wanted me to go to some family next door to get
more boxes.
I left the house....It was night.
in this dream, it
was soon apparent that the next door family lived
quite a ways away and down at the bottom of a
very high hill, a hill about 200 feet high.
I soon walked down this hill, knowing
that my home was
at the top of this hill, and that i could see my
hometown, way off in the distance, in the valley...I
also knew that this hilltop was only the
top of the
valley; the land was flat, back behind the
hill..off into the distance, behind my house.
I vaguely recall talking to the people at the base of the hill
and getting some boxes.

next scene...
I am climbing back up...I am half way up this
several hundred foot high gentle hill, between
the bottom and my home. Pitch black night, i could see stars.
SUDDENLY i fell to the ground: I see my three or four
boxes [like the kind you find behind
stores, to be recycled.."Kraftco" cardboard boxes], get thrown
aside. I see that i threw these boxes to the ground...as
an EARTHQUAKE suddenly began!!! the ground shook and
shook, i rolled all about. this was no small tremor, either!!
I was tossed to the ground and rolled all about, over and over,
cushioned only by the grass!!! somehow, i made it back up to the
i do not know what condition that house was in,
but it seemed that the earthquake was not so
bad...the house seemed more or less OK!!!

next dream scene

it was early the next day, apparently.
I stood on the hill to look at the town..not a small
town, either...to see that in the middle of this
town was a factory-like four or five story
building: it was in FLAMES...high flames....
there were strange looking [to dream-me!]...strange
looking machinery about this
building, in the
streets...these machines looked like CARNIVAL
RIDES!! [I could tell that the "ten year old
boy-mind" first thought that these machineries
were carnival rides, from within this
they were....these machines...fire trucks with
extension-ladders,the kind of
trucks that fight six story
fires...that my dream-mind interpeted as "carnival
Then...suddenly i saw ANOTHER frightful strange
sight! A wall of muddy water came like of a
tidal wave...and sweeps through the town´s
streets..maybe FIFTY FEET high. I vividly recall the

[burned forever into my brain,

..the dream-picture of the wall of red-brown water
sweeping through these fire trucks and
twisting them into a tangled pile of metal, as the water
engulfed all of them, slamming them all up against old
victorian red-brick buildings, which
themselves, were being
water-crumbled into rubble!!!

There are about 10 to 20 dammed up lakes, used for power and water,
all across the region and in an earthquake of a 8 to 9 richter
magnitude, they could very well break and then a wall of water
the height of this dam will go downstream, as the entire
unloads itself onto the unsuspecting people below this dam,
for over 100 miles!!
take Paducah, kentucky. up the Ohio river ten miles is a
entrance of the Tennessee river. Up that river another ten miles
is a dammed up lake 100
miles long, probably this dam is over 100 feet high! Take THAT dam
out, in a New madrid richter 8+, and all of that water will take
out Paducah!
Same with all the other 10 to 15 dammed up lakes, in this
All of their dams could crack and break!

That is why a tidal wave could be a great killer, here!

please follow me on twitter!
[link to www.twitter.com]

live an incredible life.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1889
United States
09/12/2005 10:38 AM
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Re: why new madrid earthquake will have a tidal wave!
whew, i thought you meant you had some proof
freestone  (OP)

User ID: 16913
United States
09/12/2005 10:44 AM
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Re: why new madrid earthquake will have a tidal wave!
"whew, i thought you meant you had some proof"

what more "proof" do ya need than to live a couple of miles below a dam that is 80 feet high, with miles of water behind it, and then there is a 8 richter earthquake!
do ya think that dam will hold up?
do you bet your life on it?

please follow me on twitter!
[link to www.twitter.com]

live an incredible life.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2965
United States
09/26/2005 02:01 AM
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Re: why new madrid earthquake will have a tidal wave!