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An Explanation of Dimensions of Consciousness, Density Levels of Reality and a View on what is happening on Earth

User ID: 1439884
06/23/2011 02:49 PM
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An Explanation of Dimensions of Consciousness, Density Levels of Reality and a View on what is happening on Earth
People need to make a difference between Dimension and Density, it shouldn`t always be called just 3D, 4D, 5D etc...

Humanity and earth is living in the THIRD DENSITY.

The majority of the consciousness of the human beings living on earth are residing in the THIRD DIMENSION aswell.
It means that they are simply living and believing in the old world that every human being "knows" to be true and gets indoctrinated with.
They mainly get all their knowledge from the outside and trust experts that their egos and analytical minds approve of.
They have love for their fellow human beings, but only aslong as they believe in the same principles as they do, it is conditional love, like so many people on earth are still offering.

Unfortunately it is only a very small portion of what real unconditional love feels like. There is a big difference if you only feel love for a few human beings and your surroundings aslong as they please you, or if you really understand the greater journey of every being and love everyone for who they truly are, aswell as you will still be able to love them, even when they will behave or change in ways that your ego would never approve of.

Everything is being lead and chosen from an EGO point of view, it is simple that kind of existence which we all know too well, that is consciousness residing in the third dimension.

Unconditional Love is beyond the EGO and that is why aslong as there is a type of seperation or egoistical, self serving view involved in every kind of religion, even though those people believe they are the holiest of the holiest, they are at the same level of consciousness like any other being residing in the third dimension, all those believe systems have just a different appearance, serving the same purpose, to empower the ego and therefor a view and consciousness of being seperated from everything else.

The FOURTH DIMENSION is a state of consciousness, where people slowly begin to search for answers within themselfs, they have some sort of vague connection to the nearest and lowest spiritual levels of being, where genuine and loving beings reside, but also manipulating and negative beings.
All to often in this new paradigm, people will suddenly believe that there is only light from here on out, and every being has only the highest interest of the individual it is in contact with in mind.

It is a big jump from THIRD DIMENSION to FOURTH DIMENSION in consciousness and a whole new world opens up, the first step is kind of the conspiratorial arena, where simply every kind of believe or view in relation to the physical known world is being reconsidered and reevaluated.
If you can go beyond just the physical changes, you will enter into the realm of the spiritual and so called paranormal, beyond what is believed to be normal.

On this level you find an as great deception as on the conspiracy level, but it is much harder to be able to see through it, because everything appears to be as light and love, the negative and positive beings on these levels, may both look beautifull and can flood your bodys with wonderfull energys who make you feel great for the time being.
But the light of the negative beings is a synthetic one, aswell as their appereance is just an illusion, to cater to the belief system of the ones they want to manipulate.

The true and organic love and light dont need to cloud themselfs in shiny appeareances, although they do certainly look beautifull, it is like meeting a very good friend or being with a family member, your sister or your brother, you will feel unconditional love emanating from these beings and their messages.
Their messages will empower yourself, to search for your own truth and don`t even take their word at face value, they will inspire you to go within and see what feels right for you.

The negative beings will always mix some truth, that feels good to hear mainly for the ego, with false information and put themselfs as being superior over you, like they have to teach you everything and you just need to learn and accept without question.

It feels nice for the ego, but your soul will show you soon enough that you were being deceived, and that is ok, we are here to learn and I had to make this realization myself aswell, as many others.
If you put the ego out of the way, it just is experience nothing more, nothing less.

At some point when one has read so many channeled messages about all kind of things, all having similaritys but also very big differences in their message aswell in how they feel.
One will realize that while once those messages delivered an illusion of clarity, now they are more like overwhelming the person and making the ego rather insecure, because the mind cannot hold those vast amounts of information and feelings, especially when they are so different in their nature.

This is the point when one will decide to step into the FIFTH DIMENSION of consciousness, of course every being always resides in all those dimensions of consciousness, for some you need a third dimensional view, for some a fourth dimensional view and for some a fifth dimensional view.
But at this point your desire and goal is being set on reaching and residing in this FIFTH DIMENSION of consciousness more and more.
You will suddenly have not much interest in news of the outside world anymore, you don`t care about politics, economy or whatever is being thrown at the masses anymore.
You tune more inwards, and this becomes the only true reality for you, everything on the outside becomes illusionary and is just there for enhancing the experience of life, while having reached this peacefull inner state of being.

In the FOURTH DIMENSION you already had those inner feelings, of how things might turn out or what might happen, but you still searched heavily for outside confirmation.

Now you honor your own journey and simply trust yourself, you get a deep inner feeling of knowingness and peace, it is very organic and strong.
That is why all those synthetic realities and belief systems at this point really wont appeal to you anymore, you simply will leave them behind naturally.

This is the also the state of being, where true unconditional love is starting to be achieved, where you see everyone for who they truly are, an equal part of you, along their own journey.
It is a feeling of total oneness and no judgement, just pure love for every being, some people will be frightened by your level of vibration at this time and others will just look at you wondorously, because they can feel subconsiously what you radiate into the world.

This is also the level where you really start changing the world from the inside, like all those old traditions and true knowledge always told us, that we have to create peace within ourselves, to create peace on the outside.

Since the ego is really getting less and less prominent on this level, you will also simply have no fear anymore, fear is only part of the ego and the illusionary knowledge of the false identities and belief systems being placed upon yourself.
Once those identities and belief systems are gone, your soul takes over, and it knows exactly what it came here to do, and there will be no place for fear anymore, it simply vanishes.

You start living from the heart and reside more and more in the now moment, since your artificial identities are being dissolved, you loose your memory of the past, you know that there are still things that have happened and have shaped you the way you are, but there is no emotional connection anymore and you really need to focus strongly to access the past.
It becomes natural to live in the now moment and you don`t want anything more than that at this point, after all it is the only true state of being and existence, there`s nothing beyond the now moment.

You will simply feel a deep connection to everything and by now you have gone beyond the drama, your life unfolds easily and you just flow with it, many of your long time problems get solved, many wishes and desires are fullfilled, and some desires are also just not that important anymore, you get clarity about all things in life.

The earth is currently ascending into the FOURTH DENSITY, density in this case really meaning a new level of reality, a higher frequency, it is a change in the core of this matrix, not just in consciousness.

This change is being felt for some time now and affects the accelleration of evolution of consciousness and therfor it becomes easier and easier to enter those higher dimensions of consciousness which I talked about, because consciousness itself is accelerating and therefor able to accomplish much more in much less time, this is what is currently heavily happening all around the planet.

A change in the DENSITY level of earth is something very different and goes beyond the capability of the human mind.
You could say that the THIRD DENSITY is like an ice block, very stagnant and not really much changes in consciousnesses, aslong as your are residing in the THIRD DIMENSION, everything is supposed to stay the same, this ensures a stability and high level of control of the power structures.

Since the FOURTH DENSITY energys are changing the earth no matter what happens in the human drama or on the surface of these things, the human population is being affected by these changes, most only feel it subconsiously and some have a consious understanding aswell, but for all it is some type of feeling that they cant put into words.

The ice block is starting to melt, reality becomes more fluid, more like water, changes are happening all over the place, very fast and frequent.
This is what we are in right now, we are feeling the effects of FOURTH DENSITY more and more, the box in which we live in is melting.

But it is still water, it is at the same level as the ice block, it certainly is a different experience, but it is still the same perspective.

But at some point when the energys shaping the THIRD DENSITY into FOURTH DENSITY have reached critial threshold, the water will simply vaporize into thin air and diseappear from THIRD DENSITY.

But before this will happen the water has to boil, it is the highest level of chaos and when the water boils and this THIRD DENSITY reality starts to get really chaotic, nothing will be predictable anymore.
I think this is what our inner feeling tells us right now, that everything is much to quite and everyone is waiting for something big to happen.

Everybody interprets those things in his own way, according to their belief system but the inner feeling is pure and undistored and many people can feel it, the water is much to quiet, but behind the scenes it is really heating up.

Chaos is not always a bad thing, it is a prestate to a change into higher order and that is why this world needs to plunge into chaos in order to be recreated in a higher order, it is natural.

But all this human drama is just side effect of a much bigger cause, and the human drama itself has no influence on what will happen, it is our free will what we choose to do in those last days of THIRD DENSITY, but it won`t affect the outcome, because the outcome was already being decided before we entered our current bodies, and for earth even before she was created.

It goes beyond the human consciousness and that is why nobody has any idea on what will happen, the soul can give you feelings, because feelings are the type of higher dimensional communication, but the human mind can only speculate, that is why nobody has any answers, but each one of you can go within your hearts and know where your part is in this bigger picture and find the knowledge that everything is well and in divine order.

The only question that remains is if one is ready to ascend with earth into FOURTH DENSITY or if one likes the old state of being more, there is no judgement involved, some feel naturally attracted to information about higher state of beings, higher densitys and realities and others feel naturally attracted to the ways of this physical world, making a career and experiencing everything this materialistic world has to offer to their fullest.

In the end everyone is right on the path one has chosen before incarnating on this planet, and they simply play their role according to their script, there is no need to push anyone to belief anything, but simply to accept and honour everyones journey, this is unconditional love, which will in the end make you ascend with earth into FOURTH DENSITY.

THANK you for reading and much love to you all!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1440382
United States
06/23/2011 03:18 PM
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Re: An Explanation of Dimensions of Consciousness, Density Levels of Reality and a View on what is happening on Earth
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1440392
United Kingdom
06/23/2011 03:24 PM
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Re: An Explanation of Dimensions of Consciousness, Density Levels of Reality and a View on what is happening on Earth
Superlative explanation my friend. Bang on the money.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 756098
United States
06/23/2011 04:14 PM
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Re: An Explanation of Dimensions of Consciousness, Density Levels of Reality and a View on what is happening on Earth