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Martian blueberries are the chondrules of meteorites.

Wretch Fossil
Wretch Fossil

User ID: 1442356
06/25/2011 03:18 AM
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Martian blueberries are the chondrules of meteorites.
1: number-- Martian blueberries are all over Mars. Likewise, chondrules are all over meteorites, because 80% of meteorites are chondrites and 60-80 % of chondrites are chondrules. So, numerically Martian blueberries and chondrules are similarly abundant.

2: morphology-- Both berries and chondrules are round grains.The diameters of chondrules range from a few microns to one cm. Martian berries are similar-sized, ranging from <100 microns to >0.6 cm in diameter.

3: formation process-- Both experienced rapid heating to 1500-1900 degrees Centigrade within a few minutes and rapid cooling within a few hours immediately after heating. Both came from solid material and experienced molten state.

4: Chemical composition-- Martian berries contain haematite,nickel and other elements.Haematite is Fe2O3. So, martian berries contain iron and nickel, which are the unique signatures of meteorites. Chondrules also contain iron and nickel, as well as other elements.

5: minerals-- Both contain olivines and other minerals.

Added on June 25: Martian blueberries and meteorite chondrules did not rusult from volcanic or meteoritic or sedimentary activities. Martian berries and meteorite chondrules resulted from electric arcs (electric discharge, as mentioned at [link to www.thunderbolts.info]

Martian blueberries are not sedimentary, as concluded in this paper:
[link to www.lpi.usra.edu]

"Conclusions: The Meridiani hematitic spherules do not appear to be sedimentary concretions they are far too uniform in their shape, size, and distribution, and their Ni-enrichment is difficult to explain by any sedimentary process...."

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