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Serious Question: My Toddler *LOVES* hot peppers. Okay?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1303529
United States
06/27/2011 09:19 PM
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Re: Serious Question: My Toddler *LOVES* hot peppers. Okay?
Let her eat them, they won't hurt her. Kids won't eat stuff that hurts them like a too hot pepper might, she'll learn real fast if she gets one that's too hot. Besides they are great natural anti-virals and anti-bacterials - not much bad stuff can grow in tissues suffused with capsaicins...

Capsaicin also possesses powerful antibacterial properties, and is very effective in fighting and preventing chronic sinus infections (sinusitis). This purely natural chemical will also clear out congested nasal passages like nothing else and is helpful in treating sinus-related allergy symptoms. Small daily doses of capsaicin have even been shown to prevent chronic nasal congestion.

[link to www.oprah.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1331439
United States
06/28/2011 03:25 PM
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Re: Serious Question: My Toddler *LOVES* hot peppers. Okay?
does not hurt his or her mouth or stomache or when going to the washroom? then i would say its fine but seriously i wouldnt give it to a child tho but thats me
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1440657

She drags me to the fridge, opens the door, and points to them.

I've had some hot stuff in my time, it doesn't "Hurt my mouth" as if I burnt it or something. I have lots of heartburn, but never from peppers. The only time it might sting a bit is out the pooper. But it's brief and non-damaging.
 Quoting: Greg_B.

Actually your statement 'I have have heartburn, but never from peppers' is a bit out there.

You have heartburn no so much from what you ate today, but from anything you have eaten for the last several years.

We train our guts to accept or reject food.

While you personally may not have a problem with the spicy pepper, I'm willing to bet the flora in your stomach complains.

Peppers have been found to kill the 'bad' bacterial in the stomach - what hasn't been told or reported on often enough, it also kills the helpful bacteria as well.

I'm willing to bet that you have upset (killed off) various strains of helpful bacteria and have, therefore, lead yourself to the point where you have a lot of strong 'bad' bacteria and not enough 'good' bacteria.

As for the toddler, their system has fewer bacteria (good ones needed to process food) thus killing them off is a bad thing.

YOU need a strong all around antibiotic - taken for month - say Cipro. During the first week you need to reduce your foods to bland 'fully cooked' foods. During the second week to the fourth wee, you need to eat yogurt with your meals (three times a day). After that you need to eat a cup of yogurt 20 minutes before bed time (no water or food until morning). Reintroduce all of the foods you eat. Eating a cup everynight for a month.

After that you will need to gauge your diet. Eating hot peppers and garlic and other bacterial killers is find, but you need to resupply the good bacteria.

This will kill off all of the bacteria in your system - yes you will have the runs - yes you will feel sick, but by replacing your colony with yogurt colonies, in two months time there will be no more heart burn.

Your daughter needs to have only ONE hot pepper. When she is older she can have more, but she also needs to supplement with healthy good for you bacteria if she doesn't want to follow in your foot steps.
 Quoting: Dr. House

cipro can cause ruptured tendons

[link to www.google.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 673477
United States
06/28/2011 03:26 PM
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Re: Serious Question: My Toddler *LOVES* hot peppers. Okay?
My daughter loved them up until she was about 3...then over a period of 4 months she started to hate them. Dunno what it was all about...but it will change.