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Subject Did Roy Kronk Murder Caylee Anthony?
Poster Handle Fair But Unbalanced
Post Content
Meter reader Roy Kronk supposedly discovered little Caylee Anthony's body. The police immediately labeled him a hero and removed him as a possible suspect. But not so fast. The area Roy supposedly discovered the body in had already been thoroughly searched with no body discovered. Now after Casey Anthony had been arrested and was already in jail then Roy finds the body in the same place that had previously been thoroughly searched. Which would mean Casey wasn't the one disposing the body.

And what kind of "hero" was Roy Kronk? He had been married three times and all three women complained of physical and mental abuse. He threatened numerous times to kill one of these ex-wives. One ex-wife says Roy had bound her with duct tape, just like what was found on Caylee's body, twice. AND he seemed to have an interest in LITTLE girls. One little 11 year old girl who had stayed with Roy while he was married to her mother tells how Roy on numerous occasions would enter her bedroom while she was dressing.

And he lived in this area and so could easily have gotten his hands and his duct tape on little Caylee. Now you might ask how did this little heart shaped impression appear on the duct tape? Caylee was a two year old little girl. Her mother had these little heart shaped stickers in her house. Have you ever seen a little girl stick these stickers on her face? I think little Caylee had one of these little heart shaped stickers stuck on her cheek and then when Roy wrapped his duct tape over her mouth when kidnapping her, as kidnappers often do, the duct tape went over the sticker. AND when one of Roy's ex-wives heard about the case she immediately suspected Roy had something to do with the murder. See [link to www.rosespeaks.com]
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