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General discussion about specific cataclysmic event past/future

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06/28/2011 03:25 PM
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General discussion about specific cataclysmic event past/future
"A historical discovery in 1878, The Iguanodons of Bernissart by the end of March 1878 was found accidentally on a depth of 322 meters in a mine shaft close mounts in Henegouwen (Belgium). They are unarguable of the most impressive discoveries of dinosaurs in the world."

"The site of Bernissart is very particular and remains to on today unique: a natural trench and an underground clay layer ensured that a complete marsh and in this about thirty iguanodons could fossilise and have been preserved perfectly since them 125 millions year covered. "
[link to www.willgoto.com]
[link to nl.babelfish.yahoo.com]

look for stuff like that in your neighbourhood, this, to me, is evidence for a massive and sudden geological event, nothing that lasts for millions of yearsbonghit