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Defense of Sanity

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User ID: 720862
United States
06/29/2011 04:39 AM
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Defense of Sanity
Fuck you, I'm not crazy, you are.

I'm so fucking tired of the boring derision the sheep give reality. So I'm going to fucking bitch about life in America. Please, argue if you can, because I'm not going to spout one conspiracy anything. I don't have to.

Right now there are more people on aid from the government than ever in America. Right now the government it giving trillions and trillions away to "banks", who do nothing but make money, while we build more prisons than any place on Earth filling them with people smoking a joint or stealing food to live, for example.

It's okay that the Banksters can't account for billions and trillions of dollars, because, they're rich, so the rules don't apply to them? We have come to accept that our government is totally corrupt, elections a joke, and that a few guys stealing all the wealth of our entire fucking nation is okay with Americans.

But if you have one drink over the magical line, you go to jail and get fined to extinction.

People, you need to wake the fuck up. Your future has been sold, and the checks coming due. Unemployment figures claim near 10 percent, which you can easily check for yourself that it's much closer to well over 20 percent, even 30 percent in some states and areas. This seems okay to you? Millions of unemployed, millions and millions on food stamps, everyone is having a rough time.... but the Banksters and friends. They are literally siphoning the money of America (and the world) into their pockets, and we do nothing to stop it.

Maybe you imagine it's no big deal. Things will always continue as is. America is Awesome... the end.

I am so sorry for you, and all of us. With just the stuff the government itself has admitted to publicly you Have to realize somewhere in that drug/tv/brainwashed addled brain of yours it's more than unfair... it's actually and literally criminal.

Our government, at this moment, is torturing people they took into custody without cause, without letting them have a lawyer or trail or calls to family, nothing. That's okay too, thinks the sheeple. They're just terrorists, because you know, the lying corrupt government says so. With the new police literature in America, most everyone is a "possible terrorist."

Just like when they admitted the reasons for going to war in Iraq were lies.... nothing.

They admit the justification for Viet Nam was a lie... nothing.

America spends more money on it's military than the rest of the world combined. Yet, both sides of American government believe that drastic cuts in all basic services in America are needed, except for the military and the bansters. We feed the military and the banksters everything we have in America, and they want the rest.

We like bombing and killing innocent people in other countries, we're Americans! We don't think too hard about things. We don't understand why so many other countries think of us as terrorists and evil! Nope. Even when we admit to shooting up Guatemalan kids for testing and knowing it would kill them, whoops, our bad! They say "That was the America of old, we'd never do that!"

You fall for it. Over and over and over and over.

Another sad thing is that it seems like our economy is finally headed towards the dive every non-government Fiscal Expert has been warning us about. The world may drop the dollar as it's Reserve Currency. So What? Thinks the moron. I advise you take five seconds to look it up and ponder. The whole nation collapsing is one of the main points.

This is real life, this is all easily within your ability to look at if you made it to GLP.

You imagine your stupid job, your little life, is so important and awesome that you never need to look outside the box. That somehow you could trust the lying corrupt politicians with your future, and that of your children as well. They would never let it fall! We're so supremely valuable to them!

Why? Because we buy shit? Guess what? Lots of countries buy shit, and many of them still Make some shit too. They haven't had millions of their jobs exported out of the country for the last 20 plus years.

They're better than you. They're smarter than you. Look at how we rank up in Education in the world? This is all real. So you think you're worth something? You're not. We're all expendable in the great money machine, and it's so sad to be in America during the fall.

With so many dancing with the stars watching zombies complete with new ipods and wandering around through life without a care in the world, it's no wonder we've gotten HERE. I guess this is simply my time to say "I told you so" to America.

I fucking told you so.

Last Edited by JLXC on 06/29/2011 04:41 AM