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Subject French Woman Sues Opus Dei, Claims Brainwashing
Poster Handle Who Washes Your Brain?
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[link to cryptogon.com]


June 29th, 2011

Via: AFP:

"A French woman claiming to have been brainwashed by the secretive Catholic society Opus Dei is suing it for allegedly keeping her illegally as a domestic servant, she told AFP Tuesday.

Catherine T., who asked not to be identified by her family name, said she joined a hoteliers’ school in northeastern France in 1985, aged 14, which she later discovered was run by associates of Opus Dei.

She said she was forced to take vows and made to work as a domestic servant for virtually no pay.

Opus Dei responded in a statement that it was “not involved in the charges being brought” and had “nothing to be guilty about.”

It will be the first ever trial targeting the organisation, branded a sect by some, which came to wide attention after featuring in the blockbuster novel and film “The Da Vinci Code”."
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