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Subject Fuck I wish I had a bomb shelter and a shitload of food
Poster Handle The Brian
Post Content
Id lock myself away as long as possible. Im so sick of this fucking society and the brain dead retards that inhabit it. Id be so much more happy underground where no one could find me, or bother me, or ruin my day off, or waddle their fat-ass in front of me while im trying to shop. Fuck these assholes. Im not putting up with any more shit from anyone. Be warned: You act retarded and ignorant out in public, I have no problem calling you out on it. Hell I told some 10 yr old kid today to go fuck himself because he was acting like a little niglet, and knocked my 3 yr old over and kicked her in the head. Fuck you, no matter the age, race or sex. Thank you, and fuck you all!

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