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Sinful dancing, that leads to the downfall of society.

Dr. House
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07/03/2011 06:47 PM
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Sinful dancing, that leads to the downfall of society.
There is a form of dancing out there that leads to loose morals, steals every woman of her virtuous nature, and causes the dancers to be in an uncontrolled sexual frenzy.

The composers and players of such music are indeed Satan's very own henchmen, purposefully leading the pure hearts of the righteous into a state of sin.

If left unchecked and unbanned, this music, this 'dancing' (I do use the term loosely for the gyrations and vulgar touching of this 'dance') will lead to the downfall of civilization.

The very music, with its upbeat tempo and 'harsh' satanic beat promotes all manner of lascivious behaviors in those who participate.

Before you click, tell me which form of music am I talking about.

Based on the facts promoted here:

[link to www.rounddancing.net]

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