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Message Subject Fear Mongering VS Awareness and Preparedness..... whats your take on the difference?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i think you will find it hard to get unbiased opinions here. i will give you biased one. i wish you knew me IRL. i am not a crazy person. just 6 months ago i was your average sheep. i went to college, i started my own business, i have a steady job, i pay my bills etc etc.

we are fucked. and i mean that in the most serious sense. i am not joking. we are way beyond feeling like we need to hold back or "stay level".

We have to make up for all the people who still have their eyes closed and fingers in their ears. we have to carry the weight of a generation that does not understand what suffering is or how important freedom is.

You should not be worried about scaring people. they should be scared. the only thing you have to worry about is scaring them away. try your hardest to present your information in the most logical fashion. do not fall into party politics. do not blame obama.

We need people to help wake up the revolution our WORLD so desperately needs. this is the precipice. there are three possible outcomes. in order of likelyhood.

TPTB win. They have been working on this for a hundred years and they are some of the smartest, richest most powerful people on the planet.

TPTB fuck up. their plan is huge and complicated. they are not infalible. shit could go serious wrong and not in the good way. they might kill everyone.

We evolve. this will and can only happen through disaster. people are going to die, a lot of them. you might be one of them. but your children, the children of the world might just be able to read about your sacrifice in history books if we try our HARDEST to reshape this corrupt world.
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