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Message Subject 91-Year-Old Woman Selling $60 Suicide Kits
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The heavy hand of the feds has shown once again that we no longer live in a free country. While I understand and sympathize with the grief of any surviving relative or friend of someone who self delivers I really wonder if there would have been such a heavy handed action on the part of both the feds and the state of Oregon if the mother of the young man who used one of the kits was not a US District Judge?

I read in a blog post somewhere recently why suicide may be such a taboo in our modern society. The blog poster surmised that suicide was made a taboo by man's early slave owners because they could not afford to have their slaves killing themselves and thus by being a taboo they would continue working for their masters. Thus it was placed into most religious writings so people would fear an afterlife in hell versus continuing to live in their present hell of slavery.

I never really thought about that aspect of why it is so taboo before but after studying how most religions came about it makes sense that they had to propagate a myth that living in hell here is far superior to living in hell in some fantasy created nether land.
 Quoting: Anonymous GlobalTrader 1481371

yeah, the penny for me dropped when I heard about the Chinese workers who had the anti suicide clauses written into their worker contracts.

If they do kill themselves, "the squad", is sent off to their families places with notices of eviction, and sundry other things.

Now you know how all religion is banned in China, so they don't have access to the - 'oh you will be made to suffer in the afterlife"- line. So instead they flog you with the 'oh your family will be made to suffer horrible things if you kill yourself", instead.

Lets face it, life is just bearable when things are going smoothly, if you live in horrible circumstances and forced to endure endless indignity you can be sure its only because some sadistic bully is blackmailing you.
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