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Message Subject 9/11/11.......Elenin, 1036 Ganymed, 1996 FG3 , YU55 WTF!!!
Poster Handle AP928
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A few weeks back I got to thinking.

IF elenin is supposedly responsible for EQs and major pull

THEN - Why wouldnt Much Larger Objects do the same?

So I went down the entire (NEO) list, looked at the trajectories of all the BIG (1/2 km and up) rocks going by.
Did that whole check the alignments voodoo etc...

and AUGUST 17th is a doozy. I had 3 or 4 Big ass Chunks lining up with planets, earth, each other etc. So if that theory is true you guys should be checking other Alignments too. Im not the Alignment-tard, Im the "Im just saying-tard"

Maybe someone else wants to look and find this to be true.
I dont Try to be prophetic but Aug 17th...Heads up
 Quoting: Soulcatcher 1439542

Nice thinking :) but perhaps its the long orbit of Elenin that helps with the EQ and ? Some guy wrote something i read about electric galaxy?? Can't remember.. But I think the longer the orbit the bigger the electric charge? Like rubbing/ running dragging your feet on the carpet and zapping your sister on cold winter days, the longer you rub the bigger the shock :)Static Electricity heheh

OT: It 11.11am again always see 11.11
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