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Message Subject 9/11/11.......Elenin, 1036 Ganymed, 1996 FG3 , YU55 WTF!!!
Poster Handle zacksavage
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here is the post that was entered on a pro-life forum on 3-21-2009. Everything that is taking place points to the One Who controls the universe being the Orchestrator of the events and timing. i have had no visions and have only been directed by the study of His Word and considering the things that r taking place. He did send me to washington on 9-6-2001 to 9-9-2001 to pronounce His judgment for killing children by abortion. of course just a couple days later 911 happened which i had no idea would occur but knew His judgment was coming.

here is the paper. make of it what u will. i have not changed this paper any and it is still on the other site.

the 4th set of 911 days after 9/11 ends on 9-3-2011 if anyone wants to check the counts. thank u.

Topic Title: 3rd 911 is day of sixes
Topic Summary: YAH is judging us for our murders of unborn infants
Created On: 03/21/2009 07:37 PM

YAH has again confirmed that 911 was the beginning of His judgment on this nation for killing children before birth by abortion. As has been detailed in previous papers on other sites, the events, numbers and targets of that day declare it to be the direct result of legalized child sacrifice to lady liberty. The fact that the attacks were carried out by elements of our own government does not contradict YAH's judgment. It is another signature of His justice. Since we embrace the lie that a child in the womb is not a person who is worthy of life and protection, He is destroying us with the lies and deceptions of the fed. Our own federal government pronounced the death sentence on any child before birth and by doing so became the enemy of the people. Since the people of the several states have let this death sentence stand against innocent children in their respective states we have made ourselves the slaves and victims of the demonic fed. They are our masters to destroy us because we choose to abide by wickedness. We have been deceived by what took place on 911 because we love the lie that allows us to shed innocent blood of children. We also were deceived into giving our born and grown children who we allowed to live, to the fed to fight their wars against innocent Muslims who have done no wrong to us. The young men and women that we sent to these illegal wars on the basis of a lie to kill Muslims have had their lives destroyed in the process.

On March 6, 2009 our economy and markets revealed YAH's hand against us in pronounced orchestrated fashion. The S&P 500 bottomed at 666.79 on that day which is 3/6/9. Both are 666 numbers. The DOW spent the day all around 6666 and closed at 6626.9399. Also that day is 2733 days since 911 which is the third anniversary of 911 days after 911. 2733 is another 666 number as 2+7=9, 3+3=6 and if you add 2+7+3+3 you get 15 which is another 6 when you add those digits. 12 days later on 3/18/2009 which is another significant 666 day the fed announced that they would start monetizing our treasury debt by buying the same treasury bonds that they create. Other countries do not want our debt now. On the third 911 day anniversary after 911 YAH has destroyed our economy and financial system on a day of nearly all sixes.

On the first 911 day anniversary of 911 the Madrid train bombings occurred. 20 days later on 3-31-2004 the 4 blackwater "security men" were killed in Fallujah and hung from a bridge over the Euphrates river. Up till that point in the Iraq war the u.s. had been mainly successful. From then on till around the second 911 day anniversary after 911 the war escalated to the point that many members of congress were admitting defeat and calling for complete withdrawal. So by the second 911 day anniversary our military had been defeated by the innocent people of Iraq. YAH had destroyed our military might in the second 911 days.

911 was not only prophesied in His Word but it is also His prophetic day. He showed us that He would destroy our financial system of lies by exploding the world trade center building 1, 2 and 7 with the full participation of the federal government and right before our eyes. When we look at the buildings being blown apart with explosives we refuse to even accept what our eyes are telling us because we refuse to acknowledge that a baby in the womb is obviously a person with a body. To this day most people who have seen the exploding towers thousands of times still insist it is a collapse. YAH also showed us that our military power would be targeted as the pentagon was.

So what is next? If the days events of 911 continue to proclaim His judgments then we are in for panic and chaos now. That appears to have already started as many people are arming up with guns and bullets. The air waves are sounding off with talk of revolution. The problem is that no one seems to know who they will be fighting or for what. Those are the seeds of panic and chaos. People refuse to admit that their enemy is YAH Himself because He is fighting against us now since we refuse to acknowledge and obey Him. We refuse to stop killing His children. If His methods hold to form He is confusing us to allow us to destroy ourselves because that is what we have chosen by our evil actions, sexual immorality, lies, thefts, and murders. Killing babies is also an act of witchcraft. These are the very things that He tells us that we will refuse to repent of before His final judgments.

YAH also says that we will not admit that it is Him carrying out His justice up to the end. That is certainly true today. Anyone who points out His hand at work is considered insane. What no one can change is the precise workings of His timing, numbers, days and events that are all screaming out loud and clear for anyone who has the ears to hear. YAH is the One we are fighting against and there can be no good outcome while He is against us.

here is a follow-up post in that thread that explained more about the numbers.....

So YAH crashes the markets and the financial systems in a few short months and moves the main indexes to a 666 conjunction on the very day of the 3rd anniversay of nine hundred and eleven days since 911 and no one here cares to understand what that means. Instead the message is attacked and discredited with no analysis or investigation. Well here is another amazing puzzle you can choose not to ponder and discard.

The DOW close of 6626.9399 is a mirror image of 666 with a 5 in the middle. If you close it like a book with the decimal in the middle you get 6+9 and 2+3 and 6+9 and 6+9. That makes 15 and 5 and 15 and 15. Each 15 is a 6 and the 5 indicates a set. 5 also means revelation. 5 is a unifier which tells us to sandwich the 6626 with the 9399. When you add those digits together it is 50 which is the second 5 to complete the sets as in the tablets of the commandments. The fact that all these things happened on the 3rd set of nine hundred eleven days after 911 is clearly the confirmation of His judgment of 911.

From the response so far to this awesome revelation it appears the condition is hopeless. That may help explain the numbers. Is He turning us over to the evil one since we have rejected His authority? We should know shortly.
 Quoting: GloryYAH

I am sorry I could not read this; I began to projectile vomit upon reading the Topic Summary.

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