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Is the End Near for Rupert Murdoch's Once Too-Big-To-Fail Media Empire?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1473945
07/19/2011 12:06 PM
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Is the End Near for Rupert Murdoch's Once Too-Big-To-Fail Media Empire?
Note the deaths below of Robert Maxwell and Edmond Safra.

Include the latest death of the phone scandal whistle blower and it makes you wonder.

Is the End Near for Rupert Murdoch's Once Too-Big-To-Fail Media Empire?
July 18, 2011 10:09AM

[link to www.larouchepac.com]

One of Rupert Murdoch's top lieutenants, Rebekah Brooks, was arrested today, in the latest blow to the Murdoch propaganda empire. The phone-hacking scandal, which has been percolating since 2006, has now erupted into a full-blown trans-Atlantic blitzkrieg against the media empire of the Australian-born Lord Beaverbrook protege.

According to one senior U.S. intelligence source, Murdoch's power over British politics had just become too great to allow his further consolidation, and so his once too-big-to-fail media cartel is being picked apart. The source drew the parallel between what is now happening to Murdoch and the elimination of two other ``outsiders'' who became too big for their own britches: Robert Maxwell and Edmond Safra. Both Maxwell and Safra met their ultimate demise: Maxwell drowned when he ``fell'' off the side of his yacht off the Spanish coast, and Safra died, locked in his bathroom when an arsonist set fire to his luxury Swiss penthouse apartment. Both men had been promoted to positions of vast wealth and power, through British intelligence and factions of the old British establishment. At one point, they both became expendable. The question now, is whether Murdoch will meet the same fate, or somehow survive the assault, the source explained.

In addition to the arrest of Rebekah Brooks, and the scheduled appearances of Rupert and Robert Murdoch on Tuesday before a parliamentary inquest, Labour Party chief Ed Milbank granted an interview today to the Guardian/Observer, demanding the dismantling of the Murdoch empire. Milbank's and Labour's political star has been rising in recent days, since they uncorked against Murdoch, who had been the ultimate backer of ex-New Labour PM Tony Blair.

In a lame effort to reverse the public relations holocaust, Rupert Murdoch today took out full-page ads in a number of rival publications, apologizing for the phone-hacking scandal. Also today, Prime Minister David Cameron, whose career could be abruptly ended by his links to the Murdochs, released a diary of all his contacts with Murdoch and company since coming into power in May 2010. All told, the diary revealed 26 meetings between Cameron and Rupert and Robert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, and other top News Corp officials. Cameron's public spokesman, Andy Coulson, a former top exec at News Corp, was arrested Friday as part of the Murdoch-gate investigation.

In the United States, it was revealed that, in addition to an already ongoing FBI investigation and an SEC probe, a civil suit is also pending, from a News Corp shareholder, who alleges that the recent takeover of a film production company owned by Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elizabeth for $675 million was a ripoff and an act of arrogant nepotism by the Murdoch clan. Murdoch exerts dictatorial control over the company, because A shares in the firm (those with voting rights) are dominated by family members, while B share holders have no say-so in corporate decisions.