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Message Subject Please....ask me any questions you would like if it helps save your family and friends. Some I cannot answer.. (ELITE NOBODY)
Poster Handle calendulaceum
Post Content
I'm all bunkered in. If Norway can make it through , so can I. Any chance there's an elite out there to finance an ashram? With good peops around to help rebuild we could be like the athens east of denver. I talked to Rob Reynolds about the idea, but when he started talking about digging up a cemetary that screws with the right of way I got a bad vibe and put the plan on a back burner. Seems odd anyway to get a dude whose family made it's fortune in tobacco to sponsor a place of healing and education. I know this is my second question this post, but Are there any elites with high morals and an ambition to improve the world around them or are you just another bunch of assholes hoping to preserve your dna another few centuries?
 Quoting: calendulaceum 1478120

You are a very confused individual. I cannot point you in any directions with your questions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1478185

Which part didn't you get? There is no confusion in my path, I seek not your direction for I have been guided. I guess the notion of making the world around you a better place confuses you.

What is confusing is why I am spending time on this thread petitioning the universe for assistance in creating an institution that will promote well being. I guess I gotta type it on out somewhere. Thanks for the ride, I enjoyed your ridiculous trivial thread as a means to my expression. I'll be leaving now, work to do.

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