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Message Subject Why 2005 YU55 is a MAJOR concern.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to neo.jpl.nasa.gov]
3 Facts about YU55

1. When it creates that triangle with earth and the moon the gravity of both Earth & Moon will be powerful enough to change it's trajectory and degrade it's speed. This is bad for two reasons. If it slows down, it allows a much larger chance for debris it has collected to fall to the earth. Also, if the earths gravity is powerful enough to satellite the moon around it, when the moon is 1,700 miles in diameter why isn't it strong enough to pull in a rock that's only 1,500 feet in diameter and has far less mass?

That's an answer in itself. If it's going fast enough, there won't be hardly any change in course due to it's LOW MASS

2. The Sun will push the Earths magnetic sheild away from the Sun. The Moon will be
traveling thru it, and during the month of November if any Solar Activity is present, the asteroid will be significantly affected.

That won't really have an effect unless it's a comet and the ice actually jets from it, causing a MINOR change in course.

3. Due to the Moon's hot core, it can not
hold a very strong magnetic field. However, due to the size of this asteroid, roughly
the height of the empire state building, and its rapid speed, it's course
heading and speed will be slightly altered and there is a significant possibility
additional energy may be imparted to the asteroids rotational speed thru
electro-magnetic resonance. Kinda like the wind blowing on a pinwheel, the
stonger the gusts the faster the spin.

The moon does not have a molten core

Without orbital mechanics, and specific facts, and its new course and heading
speed, I would would not hazard a guess what it will do next time it visits us
again. Worst yet, if it is very fragile, it just might break up and afford us
new craters on the moon and earth to look at. However, if it is as round as they
stated, one needs to ask why that is so. How could it evenly collect dust and
ice particles? Clearly it is moving so fast,
and rotating once a day, it is efficient in vaccuuming dust thru out our solar
system. Than that becomes another variable to add to a long list of ifs. The
other is why we didn't see it before 2005, does it show up on the old Mount Palomar
Photographic plates?

If there is a course change, it could very well be more aimed AWAY from Earth just as easily more aim AT it... even odds there, but unlikely it will change

I also found that Robert S. McMillan who discovered this thing says that we don't have anything to fear as far as hitting earth goes until 100 years from now. I went to Nasa's JPL and looked at it every date from 2012 to 2140. The only two times it ever comes even close to us is listed below.

april 17th 2021 .028

november 7th 2022 .0366 au

after 2022 I couldn't find a single date it came anywhere near us. So why are they falsely projecting a concern for the future? Could there be concern now?

Not likely, these guys know what they are doing, we can slingshot Cassini off earth more than once, without any corrections needed other than burn out away from Earth, If I remember right people were in a panic it would hit us and release it's thermo nuclear battery onto us, but nothing happened, they planned it well.

Why is President Obama issuing a National Emergency broadcast on the very date this thing is flying by? Could there be debris entering our atmosphere? This thing is going right through the earths magnetosphere folks. I'm not a doomer, but this definitely looks like something we should be really looking at.
 Quoting: zaphryn

They don't plan a national emergency broadcast in advance... unless it's a hurricane, that JUST now turned towards land etc... How could they plan a broadcast that far out, when there is no emergency in sight?
 Quoting: GeekOfTheWeek

This This ans This.
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