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>>>>>>>Amazing Google Earth Kaleidoscope Art

Captain Planet Alex
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07/24/2011 01:42 AM
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>>>>>>>Amazing Google Earth Kaleidoscope Art
The other week I published two maps of Boston Common on this website. Since then, Iíve had numerous visits to my website from people searching for the Boston Common quilts.

Since I am not a quilter, I did not know that there was already type of patchwork called Boston Common. The real irony is that last week I tried making almost the exact type of geographic quilt design but gave up because it was taking too long to make.

From a visual standpoint, the layout of the Boston Common patchwork design looks very similar to my square quilt projection. I wonder what other quilt design styles Iíve accidentally copied? Iíll find out in due time.

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[link to nikolasschiller.com]

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