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NASA, Space.Com, and FoxNews Embarrass themselves in stupid attack on PX Believers and Zetatalk

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07/26/2011 02:45 PM
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NASA, Space.Com, and FoxNews Embarrass themselves in stupid attack on PX Believers and Zetatalk
Let me state first that I don't believe half of the non-sense this guy is saying but I know a lot of people here will. So out of respect for other peoples opinions and interest I figured I'd post it for you guys. I'm pretty sure a majority of you will find it interesting.

[link to www.ufodigest.com]


Here we have Space.Com, NASA's mouthpiece, writing an article which Fox News picked up for its website. It is a full frontal attack on anyone who believes Planet X aka "The Winged Globe" is on its way to causing pole shift. But more than that, it is a full frontal attack on telepathy with extraterrestrial communications and even against Zecharia Sitchin's landmark book "The Twelfth Planet". And more than even that, it lies about what the experts say, and then uses these false facts to shoot the experts down. The elite who are lying to you are not even doing a good job shooting down the truth. I say it is the truth because I have photographs of Planet X, and photographs of the hitherto unexplained Dark Twin of Earth. Try denying that Space.Com.

First of all they quote Carl Sagan, the world's greatest mouthpiece for the CIA that there are no extraterrestrials, and that skeptics need a tool kit to analyze concepts the government says are unsupported, but which actually are supported to a greater extent than anyone off the street could ever believe. Then Space.Com alleges that PX believers think there will be a collision with Earth. In fact, no one ever said there will be a collision. Believers, who include many scientists, did say PX will pass close enough to cause the Earth's crust to detach from the core and reattach with Recife, Brazil as the new geographic and magnetic north pole." cont...

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