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Norway Terror Attack Originally Framed as Muslim Extremism, But Quite the Opposite

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United States
07/26/2011 10:33 PM
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Norway Terror Attack Originally Framed as Muslim Extremism, But Quite the Opposite
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Norway Terror Attack Originally Framed as Muslim Extremism, But Quite the Opposite
As the world received the first images and commentator responses yesterday, it became evident early on that the mainstream networks, in the U.S. at least, were content with projecting an initial suspicion, if not declaration, that the attacks were more than likely the result of Muslim extremists, or "terror cells" established in Scandinavia.

There is plenty of evidence of the initial hysteria toward Muslim Extremists, but this, in particular, is notable:

The New York Times originally reported:

A terror group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or the Helpers of the Global Jihad, issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, according to Will McCants, a terrorism analyst at C.N.A., a research institute that studies terrorism.

In later editions, the story was revised to read:

Initial reports focused on the possibility of Islamic militants, in particular Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or Helpers of the Global Jihad, cited by some analysts as claiming responsibility for the attacks. American officials said the group was previously unknown and might not even exist.

By the time reports confirmed the shooter at the labor party camp was a blonde Caucasian, I thought for sure this typical speculation would come to end. However, immediately after hearing this first confirmation, the CNN desk reporter interviewed what initially appeared to be an expert with unique insight to the situation, but who simply turned out to be CNN Executive Editor Tim Lister. This man went on and on about why Muslim Extremists would want to attack Norway, which basically boiled down to some cartoons made about Muhammad years ago that just so happened to have originated in Denmark, Norway's neighbor. I rolled my eyes as a completely unrelated event and a string of fallacious reasoning were being used to further propagate minds with fear and paranoia toward the Muslim world.

In reality, Norway seems like one of the least likely countries for extremist Muslims to hold animosity toward, for a variety of reasons:

~Norway has endorsed Palestinian statehood. See this, this and this.

~Norway has excluded Isareli investments. As Haaertz reported last year: "Norway’s 450 billion euro oil-riches fund has excluded two Israeli firms involved in developing settlements ... on ethical grounds, Norway’s finance ministry said on Monday."

~Indeed, Senator Lieberman has accused Norway of promoting anti-semitism

~Norway has also announced its plan to withdraw from the Libyan war.

~The summer camp where the shootings took place had just concluded a pro-Palestinian rally the day before

AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday. Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)

See Translated Story Here.

~Israel's Foreign Ministry says Norwegian authorities funding anti-Israel film, exhibition, and play. Norway: We support freedom of expression

This is all very familiar and related to Norway's Prime Minister's words yesterday following the attacks...

"No one will bomb us to silence. No one will shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway," Mr Stoltenberg said in a public address yesterday.

You see, the Prime Minister of Norway is a member of the Labour Party that was holding the camp on the island where the tragedy struck. This political Party has a history of criticism toward the policies of Israel. In fact, in 2002, they called for Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

As it turns out, the terrorist attacks yesterday WERE NOT the work of a Muslim at all, but in fact, were the result of a terrorist who is now being portrayed as in opposition to Norway's multicultural society, which is the media's way of avoiding the obvious. The terrorist yesterday was Anti-Muslim. His name is Anders Breivik, and it is believed he killed over 80 people acting alone, although that is hard for me to believe.

Information is still coming in about this man, but one thing seems clear. He went on a killing spree because he hates Muslims, and apparently, is willing to use terror and mass murder to try to persuade his fellow countrymen that any sympathies toward the plight of the Palestinians is unacceptable.

Considering our media is undoubtedly content with continuing their theme that the Muslim world should be feared, and consequently hated and killed, I expect this news story to be swept under the rug and quickly forgotten.

If there is legitimacy in the argument that Muslim clerics hold responsibility and should speak out in condemnation when Muslims commit acts of violence, then I expect to hear from John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O'Reilly, and all of the other media pundits and pulpit pundits who constantly spread their racist fear-mongering and hatred toward the over a Billion Muslims (up or down depending on who you ask) whom we share this world. As far as that logic goes, THIS BLOOD IS ON THEIR HANDS!
[link to nlightn1.blogspot.com]