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Message Subject I'm an average guy who's nobody special...ASK ME A QUESTION
Poster Handle SaveTheLivingEntities
Post Content

What is there to enjoy when you know you will die? Is dying pointless? Do you believe it's just a 1 shot go and thats it? Why?
 Quoting: SaveTheLivingEntities

Everything is to enjoy. The air you breathe, oceans, Great views, trees, animals, good food, beautiful women, interesting people. It's all something to enjoy. Yes you will die. But you are powerless over when and how. So it makes no sense to dwell on the inevatble that you have no control over. Jut take advantage of life while you have it, and when it's over..who knows? Maybe there's something better. Maybe not. Again...you have no control over that either. The point is..to let go.

You know how when you drive a car you feel ok about driving in it because your in control? Then when you're in the passenger seat you start to freak out when the person is driving and you get that fear in the pit of your stomach? That's because you're not in control. It's human nature to feel that way. However, the key is knowing and excepting that you'll never be in control. Just sitting back and enjoying the ride knowing that whatever happens, happens. See we'd all like drive life but we're just passengers man. Just passengers.
 Quoting: Apotheosis

Do you not want to know what imposes this death upon you? Why are you forced to die?

You are forced to die because it is all we understand of life as of now. Maybe some day people won't be. But for now, we know that death is certain. As for knowing..I would not wish to know. Because no matter how I die or when I die, I would not agree with the terms and it wold only make my life unenjoyable.

The air you breathe is polluted and full of toxic chemicals.

I live in Maine. We have some of the freshest air in the nation. I think you'd be surprised how much air your breathing is completely fine.

The oceans are being destroyed with vast floating islands of soupy plastic and other trashy debris.

This is true in some cases around the world. But in the over-all scheme of things the oceans is still quite a sight to see. I've gone swimming 6 times this summer. In the ocean. Not one rash, not one cold, or sickness. I'd say things are pretty ok.

Great views, trees, animals, good food, beautiful women, what is the point of enjoying all these things if you do not contemplete why all these things share something in common, living matter or non living matter.

Why do you need to know what they have in common to enjoy them?

What is this living force that we are so attracted to? What is the cause of this living force? What is the origin of this living force?

You should continue to ask questions, because you know there is nothing really enjoyable when you are constantly worried about how or when you will die or why you will die or what will happen after you die.

It is always important to plan for the future and I want to know if I have a post death future, shouldn't that be a concern for everyone?
 Quoting: SaveTheLivingEntities

First of all there is no way you will ever know when the end comes. It's ludicrous to think you will crack the exact time and date.

However, as far as you're other questions, I'm going to tell you a story. There was a man once who ran around town and was asking if anybody knew what was at the end of infinity. Nobody in the village knew so a man referred him to an old wise man, who lived at the top of a humungous mountain. The man said, it would take weeks to get there. However, the guy responded, "well, if you want to know what's at the end of infinity you'll get there."

So the man traveled for days and days in the blistering cold climbing up this mountain. After the first week he began getting sick from the famine. By the second week he began getting sick from the cold, by the third week he was almost dead. But he finally made it to the door of the old wise man.

So he bangs on the door screaming, "Hey wise man??? You in there?? Wise man????

The wise man opens the door and says, "Hey there? What brings you here?"

So the man responds, "I have travelled so far for 3 weeks, I'm starving, I'm freezing, and I'm dying. But I came here because I desperately want to know what's at the end of infinity?

The wise man says, "You are starving when you smell the cooking on my stove, yet you ask not for food. You are freezing when it's clearly warm in my home, and yet you ask not to be invited in. You are dying and yet you ask not for the things I may offer to save your life. However, during all of this you ask what is at the end of infinity? my good man, I reckon you shall never know since you are too foolish to make it past the hour.

I hope you see the moral in that.
 Quoting: Apotheosis

You have empty stories with no beauty or goodness, just empty dry speculation.

You misunderstand my position. I am not complaining about these points in life, I am simply illuminating that struggles carry on every day, and ultimately that there is no happiness in this material world.

We have information of this Universe in the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-gita which are ancient Sanskrit literatures. They are considered by many scholars to be the largest coherent uncontested body of knowledge.

Many of the great Sciences that we have today, came from ancient Sanskrit bodies of knowledge.

Then we have the speaker of the Bhagavad-gita, who is also the main topic of Bhagavad-gita, which is God.

God is speaking the Bhagavad-gita and is the subject of every verse.

He says simply listen to my instructions and you will become perfect, so we listen to his instructions and people like me see many practical life lessons and we learn just like a student is being taught by a professor.

We have no need for dry speculation, we have been told by the creator how and why the universe is exists.

This universe is full of temporary pleasures and pains, and temporary life.

But beyond this universe and the innumerable other material universes, exists a world of Spiritual nature.

Spirit differs from matter scientifically.

Spirit is composed of 3 energies called sat, cit, and ananda. This means Eternity, Knowledge, and Bliss.

There is an unlimited spiritual sky beyond our universe, where everything has a body that is composed of eternity so it never dies, knowledge so it never forgets, and bliss so it never falls back down into the material world.
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