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Message Subject !!! For Those With Doom Fatigue, Buckle Up, The Wait Is Over!!!
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
I see a lot of people on GLP saying, “when is the doom coming, I have doom fatigue”, well the roller coaster has been climbing the hill but now we are rounding over the top.

1. Stock market futures are taking a pounding
2. Financial news headlines saying, “time to think the impossible”
3. Financial news headlines saying, “the global recovery is over”
4. Martial law plans being laid out for when 70 million people stop getting paid within one week.
5. Euro Zone imploding simultaneously with the US
6. China stated to US, “Your recklessness on putting politics above economy stability is appalling”
7. China openly saying it is getting away from US treasuries=nobody to buy our debt
8. US Gun sales increased by 4 times greater than at any other time in history

Chant with me, Doom, Doom, Doom, Doom
 Quoting: centrist77

Just remember when the SHTF..who caused all this shit to happen (because believe me... it always been planned).

We should all...just for once, focus on getting the real culprits, rather than just turn on each other (which is what they want). We have the means and ability to organise too, rather than helplessly respond.

Admittedly It's not going to be easy..but in reality they are weak and are few (and only humans like you and me), so I will at least go out trying. Because having travelled and worked around the world and seen so much artificially created division and disparity, I am sick and tired of all elite hierarchies and structures.. that pretend they are valid and needed..whilst pillaging, controlling and plaguing our lives and world.
For all of you who still believe and follow any of the fake hierarchical fairy tales, doctrines and orders and think they are good, noble and fair, please wake up...because you are deluding yourselves
Because in truth they are all elitist and corrupt...and simply follow hyper capitalist and elitist agendas (no matter what political, economic, religious or social order you look at).
Whether we like it or not...We have all been conned (from birth)..because the 1% have always controlled at least 40 -50% of the world land and resources. Check the stat's for yourself as nearly every single company, corporation, government body or institution today (yep including charities) all operate within the same ratio's and realities...( and yes there are exceptions, but their impact is currently very small in real terms)
Rather than aspire to be a billionaire..ask yourselves, is it actually right (or fair) that someone can individually own more than whole a country can collectively earn in a year or lifetime. Or that some CEO bosses earn more than all the staff put together. Governments and monarchies are the same..all promoting hierarchal order and control systems, from ivory towers with what result...hmmm .
Even religions and charities are no exception..how come the heads of most churches and donor orgs..collect vast amounts of tithes and goodwill money yet build and run lavish churches and cathedrals and corporate headquarters..and even build mini cities. Whilst the people beneath them suffer and struggle.. asking and praying for help that does come.

Can we ever make a better world. Well accepting that the world is fragile, precious and unstable...an prone to providing challenges .. but better human social systems...of course we can ...but never under any form of hierarchy..because their very structure will always be elitist, competitive, divisive and imbalanced.

Sorry but I’m real tired of all the elite BS and the divisions these entities create and cause...suppressing and abusing people, rather than respecting, including, valuing, each and everyone of us.
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