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Message Subject BREAKING:...300 meter BIG new crop circle ...What are they telling us?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Todayislove 1466756

All the tractor tire lines are perfect, except where they pass through the supposed crop circle.

It's not like they just got messed up like you would suspect, there are breaks(complete separation) of the lines if you zoom in.

Looks like a fake to me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1481225

Notice you never find a 'crop circle' where there are no tracks for the people to get into and out of the field...

Wonder why that is?

 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

Maybe because in order for the farmers to plant grasses they have to use machines with wheels - i don't think they've learnt the art of levitation yet..

Once you 'study' this phenomenon you can clearly spot a man-made one from a 'perfectly formed without any indiscrepencies WHATSOEVER' one....that also happens to be hundreds of metres in size.

In the UK during the crop-circles months are the shortest dark hours out of the whole year - now i'm artistic and pretty handy with a board but there is no way i could lay down the grass stems as PERFECTLY and as PRECISELY as a genuine 'circle-maker' can. Certainly not within 5 hrs max...even with a group of people.

Really, think logically - in order to do a geometric design of this size in a field you would have to mark out areas before commencing with the 'boarding down' of the grass. There WOULD be footprints everywhere in order just to mark it out.

Man made ones ARE obvious..there is always a flaw in the design - mostly you can see that from the aerial shots.

Like i said - when one studies this phenomenon and know that also radiation readings and electrical readings also are a factor within the design you come to realise it isn't merely 'agriculatural installation art'.

I haven't even studied these to any great depth yet have come to use logic as a friend instead of dismissing everything as fake just because they seem to be truly unexplainable.

One 'out there' theory i once considered was that they actually come from the earth itself. It would take too long for me to explain why that could be but simply put the earth is also a 'living' being just as everything that is in existence is 'living'.
Again, i cannot go into definitions of what is living and what is not but suffice to say that all that exists is a product of life once lived or is living...stone, earth, water all the way to me and you friend.
Energy is everything and these messages seem to be an energy that has found a way to communicate.

What or where that energy resides is the huuuuuge question in my mind.

But go ahead and disbelieve about this phenomenon because you saw a documentary with some smart-ass students show you how easy it is to draw a circle in some corn during the night.
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