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Message Subject BREAKING:...300 meter BIG new crop circle ...What are they telling us?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Todayislove 1466756

All the tractor tire lines are perfect, except where they pass through the supposed crop circle.

It's not like they just got messed up like you would suspect, there are breaks(complete separation) of the lines if you zoom in.

Looks like a fake to me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1481225

not fake! the crops are laying down in a circular pattern giving you the illusion of the bent lines. basic optical illusion!
 Quoting: Stranger

Yeah, what he said. It's basically the most common optical illusion in a crop circle.... It blows my mind that people still think CC's like these are fake. The perfect symmetry, the exact geometry, investigations that have shown that perfect circles have accounted for uneven terrain and are actually ellipses on the surface, but perfect circles when viewed above. Human's doing that IN ONE NIGHT? Please. I guess it's a testament to TPTB's success in dumning down human logic and reason.
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