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Message Subject BREAKING:...300 meter BIG new crop circle ...What are they telling us?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People, don't do drugs....this is your brain on drugs:

Crop circle number 1: 29 days until Nibiru/Marduk comes with force. Crop circle number 2: Nibiru/Marduk start affecting the earth in 11days. Earth and Moon in 3rd ring, Mercury in 2nd ring, Venus in 1st ring around the sun. Outside ring with large to small circles is Mars. Which I think means Marduk/Nibiru leave Mars orbit in 18days. Crop circle number3: Satanic message, but don't know the meaning. Crop circle number 4: Phases of the moon around the earth indicating days and weeks; for something to happen. Need astronomer to figure it out. Crop circle number 5: Something chaotic comes soon, mechanical type clock in center, with large arrow over the circle means Marduk/Nibiru. Crop circle number 6: The spirits of the North, West, South, and East, Earth, Air, Fire and Water are trying to give us a message about something. Probably Marduk/Nibiru again. Circle number7: A hole in the sun is going to let out a gigantic solar flare. Circle number 8: The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Earth. Circle number 9: Some sort of joke or heaven forbid a space alien. Circle number 10: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, first phase about something. Circle number 11: Something large traveling between 2 spirals. I hope it is not a spaceship traveling through 2 worm holes. Circle number 12: A message in some sort of alien script. Circle 13: Eclipses that will happen around Mercury, Venus and Earth. The Moon is the little circle out of the 3rd ring. Circle, 14: Satanic message again, cannot guess the meaning. Circle 15: Some sort of creatures or star ships in orbit around something. Circle 16: A message from the spirits of the North, West, South and East, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Circle 17: Phases of something like a time shift. Circle 18: A message from God the Father Creator. Circle 19: Can't tell it is too far away. Circle 20: To many crop circles to get in an order.
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Any questions???
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